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What are international business challenges for local organizations in a digital world? How does an international business professional become an engaged global citizen?


Conducting practice-oriented research in the field of international business that contributes to the development of local business communities and the global citizens of the future.


Global citizenship and international business

Global Citizens have an understanding that we are all connected and that we can contribute to a sustainable world and collective well-being.

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International sustainable entrepreneurship

Connects business with education and stimulates new business models with regional impact.

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International sustainable finance and supply chain

We focus on generating successful case studies regarding the implementation of SMART and Sustainability based Governance of International Supply Chain Finance of the food sector adapting models inspired by the Circular and Blue Economy.

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  • Raising Global Citizens at Home
  • What is Going International From Within (GOIN)?
  • Peer feedback in international environments
  • Crossing borders without crossing borders with Akita International University in Japan

More about these projects on our 'Applied Research' page.

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  • Staff & Output

    As a research group, we believe it is important to share our knowledge. This way we deliver a structural contribution to education and educational development. We are pleased to share the results of studies and projects.
  • Applied Research

    Our research projects are carried out in collaboration with national and international businesses, both in the EU region of Arnhem and Nijmegen and beyond.

LectorDr. Anna Sabidussi

As Professor of Applied Sciences in International Business Anna brings to CIBR_ more than 20 years of experience in higher education and business practice.

Over the years, she has created value by connecting competence development programs with a research agenda evolving business practice in high-tech, energy, finance, agri-food, manufacturing, fashion, textile, luxury and beauty, biopharma, creativity industries. She has experience as qualified management consultant and, as entrepreneur, she is the founder of two international startups. 

Her research has been published in many books, proceedings and journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Industry & Innovation, and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, among others.

Anna is passionate about supporting the transitions of business practice to sustainable development with impactful applied projects and educating the global citizens of the future.

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International School of Business

The International School of Business trains students to become young professionals with strong commercial, personal and social skills. The environment is international and individual-focused. We work closely with partner universities abroad and with the international business community.

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