Privacy and Security

By viewing these webpages you are in contact with the HAN organization. This is also the case when you request more information via our website. Therefore it's important for you and for HAN that we handle your personal data with care.


Privacy law: GDPR
Collecting, processing and storing personal data is necessary for the normal business processes at HAN. We do this in a very careful manner. HAN is responsible for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Protecting the personal data we receive and process is of paramount importance to us.

Privacy regulations and privacy statement
The privacy regulations of HAN contain:

  • which personal data we process
  • the possible parties we might be allowed to share these data with
  • the rights of those persons whose personal data have been processed

These privacy regulations apply to staff and students of HAN.

The privacy statement explains how HAN deals with personal data. 

Have a question about privacy at HAN? Contact our privacy officer at:


Want to know more about the security of the ICT facilities at HAN? Or would you like to report a security incident? Go to the Security of ICT Facilities page and read more about the procedures of the HAN Computer Emergency Response Team (HAN-CERT).