Studying at HAN

Ready to study in the Netherlands? In a bachelor, master or exchange program? Here you can find everything you need to know about studying at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.


7 reasons to study at HAN

Why study in the Netherlands at HAN University of Applied Sciences? There are 7 simple reasons!

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23 March 2024

Online Open Day

Are you thinking about studying at HAN but feeling lost in all the information? No worries! We'll tell you everything you need to know during our Online Open Day on 23 March. Join a talk show on Admissions or an info session about your favorite study program(s). Get a live campus tour. Drop into one of our chatrooms. Interact with lecturers and students or just listen to their experiences. All from the comfort of your home!

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Academic calendar
All the important dates for the current and upcoming academic years. Find out when classes start and when you …
Arnhem campus
The HAN campus in Arnhem has all the facilities you need. Libraries, canteens, pubs, sports facilities and pla…
Nijmegen campus
You’ll find everything you need at the HAN campus in Nijmegen. Extensive libraries, cozy places to study alone…
Student services
As a HAN student, you have access to a range of support and services. Like special provisions if you have a di…
Study materials
To start your studies, you need textbooks, syllabi and possibly a laptop. Read here what you need and where yo…
February start
Are you planning to start your studies in February? Good idea! There are many benefits to starting in February…
Practical experience
An important aspect of studying at HAN is gaining practical experience. For example, by working on real-life p…
Study abroad
Bachelor programs at HAN include one elective semester, also known as a minor. This is usually done in the 3rd…
Rights and responsibilities
What are your rights as a student? And what does HAN expect of you? How do you go about exercising a right? He…
Dutch Education System
The education system in the Netherlands has 2 kinds of universities: research universities and universities of…

Areas of study

Engineering & Technology

Do you get excited about designing, experimenting and programming? Put your passion for technology to good use! Discover more about Engineering & Technology here.

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Natural Sciences

Want to improve plant species, discover the origin of diseases or find ways to clean up contaminated soil? Study natural sciences and get the know-how to approach these challenges.

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Economics & Business

Do you get excited about doing business in an international setting? Would you love to work in marketing, sales, logistics or finance? Then Economics & Business might be a good fit for you. Read more about Economics & Business.

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Behavior & Social Sciences

Are you fascinated by human behavior? Do you read people like an open book? Would you love to work in a field that allows you to help and empower people? Then Behavior & Social Sciences might just be the perfect fit for you!

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Language & Communication

Are you always obsessing over the underlying meaning of a message? Are you intrigued by how language shapes our perception? Do you find joy in looking for the ‘right’ words? Then studying Language & Communication might just be the right step for you.

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