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HAN Formula Student

Student team HFS Racing receives smartsheet licence

HFS Racing team can now always view and track the current status of their amazing engineering student project thanks to a smartsheet licence from their new sponsor Smart4B.

HAN Newsroom
19 March 2024
ac6d98c0-e606-11ee-8f0d-dfb81e972d6d Studententeam HAN Formula Student (HFS) seizoen 2023-2024
Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Celebration Illuminates International School of Business

This month, on February 8th, the campus of International School of Business celebrated the Lunar New Year with a vibrant event that honored the rich cultural traditions of Asia. Hosted by the ISB Community, the festivities brought together around 70 students and staff for an unforgettable celebration marking the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. It served as a reminder of the value of cultural diversity and inclusion on campus and underscored the importance of celebrating different traditions and backgrounds.

HAN Newsroom
29 February 2024
087dfcb0-d656-11ee-b1c7-805f2898bfd8 A festivity during Lunar New Year
Health hakathon

Embedded engineers programming for Wilhelmina Children's Hospital

To conclude the Embedded Programming Semester, 14 enthusiastic Embedded Systems Engineering students of HAN University of Applied Sciences, together with three driven Embedded Engineers from Cap Gemini, participated in a two-day hackathon for the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (WKZ) in Utrecht on 24 and 25 January.

HAN Newsroom
20 February 2024
c5156eb0-cf55-11ee-8d2d-630cfd7d8679 Sfeerbeeld van de hackathon voor het Utrechts UMC Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis als afsluiting van een semester  programmeren bij Embedded Systems Engineering tijdens de Event Week van HAN Engineering en Automotive
Engineering Systems

Over 80 HAN students work and learn in hybrid learning environment MORE Vehicle

MORE Vehicle is one of HAN University of Applied Sciences' hybrid learning environments, which enables engineering students to work and learn in a realistic practical environment on real practical problems together with partners from the field, research and education. By now, all engineering and automotive specialisations at HAN are involved. What is the progress?

HAN Newsroom
20 February 2024
492697 Tijdens het HAN H2 event in januari 2023 presenteert het MORE team het modulaire voertuig dat ze hebben gemaakt
Attention for global citizenship

Students broaden horizons during International Week

"Students get the opportunity to connect with other people, other cultures and other ideas. That's what this week stands for." From 31 Jan to 2 Feb, HAN organized the Health and Social Studies International Week. The kickoff provided food for thought and inspired participants to connect and so increase their understanding of one another.

HAN Newsroom
05 February 2024
c72eb220-c0f9-11ee-9238-3a94f181ae34 Shula opening IW
Health and Social Studies

International Week 2024

Inclusion, immigration, prejudice and growing up in poverty. Many social issues do not stop at international borders. On 31 January 2024 we are organizing the Health and Social Studies International Week at HAN.

HAN Newsroom
22 January 2024
International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal
Opinion about degree program

HAN participating in National Student Survey again

The National Student Survey (NSE) is conducted once a year. Almost all students in Dutch higher education take part. In the survey, students give their opinion about their degree program at a university or university of applied sciences.

HAN Newsroom
17 January 2024
6fd7da46-799c-11ee-8d0f-067df8534684 Studenten lopen door gang. Campagne studiejaar 23-24. Student Support Center. Fotoshoot 2023.
End of Year Column Rob Verhofstad

La petite bonte

As 2024 now begins, a new year of opportunity and possibility lies ahead. None of us knows what 2024 will look like or what it will bring.

HAN Newsroom
29 December 2023
481396 kerst header
No need to wait until September

Start your studies in February

Ready to explore the world of international business or develop your creative communication skills? Or did you quit your studies this academic year and find International Business or Communication appealing? You do not have to wait until September anymore! You can kickstart your academic journey in Arnhem this February!

HAN Newsroom
13 October 2023
Semiconductor Packaging

Chip assembly and packaging increasingly complex

Semiconductor packaging is making a difference in 5G and 6G communications, optical networks, health sensors, automotive engineering, you name it! The assembly and packaging of chips is becoming increasingly difficult. That's why HAN offers the Semiconductor Packaging course as a full-time program for undergraduates, but also as a part-time course for professionals. Semiconductor packaging is a subject that’s drawing ever more attention. Why?

HAN Newsroom
20 September 2023
554695 Semiconductor Packaging  is een minor voor studenten automotive, elektro, werktuigbouw, chemie en mechatronica. Hiervan is op 28 augustus 2023 een vierde jaargang gestart.