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Semiconductor Packaging

Chip assembly and packaging increasingly complex

Semiconductor packaging is making a difference in 5G and 6G communications, optical networks, health sensors, automotive engineering, you name it! The assembly and packaging of chips is becoming increasingly difficult. That's why HAN offers the Semiconductor Packaging course as a full-time minor program for undergraduates, but also as a part-time course for professionals. Semiconductor packaging is a subject that’s drawing ever more attention. Why?

HAN Newsroom
20 September 2023
554695 Semiconductor Packaging  is een minor voor studenten automotive, elektro, werktuigbouw, chemie en mechatronica. Hiervan is op 28 augustus 2023 een vierde jaargang gestart.
Opening academic year

"You learn in practice, from the people around you"

Even after you’ve earned your degree, you’re never done learning. Rob Verhofstad, chairman of the Executive Board, emphasized this during the opening of the new academic year at the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. He argued for the right to pursue lifelong development.

Hanneke Bulten
30 August 2023
551896 Rob Verhofstad opent het nieuwe studiejaar in de Stevenskerk in Nijmegen.
Website Launch

Raising Global Citizens at Home

Halfway through the two-year project, the website for the Comenius Senior project 'Raising Global Citizens at Home' has officially launched. This virtual touchpoint aims to be a launchpad for fostering intercultural virtual collaborations between HAN ISB and foreign universities.

HAN Newsroom
03 July 2023
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Recap Symposium Leading sustainability transitions

Inauguration Anna Sabidussi and inspiring World Café

June 22nd was a big day for the International School of Business; the inauguration of Professor Anna Sabidussi marked the kick-off of the Center of International Business Research and jumpstarted partnerships for collaboration with members of the professional field.

HAN Newsroom
23 June 2023
539016 Cartoon inauguration
2023 National Student Survey (NSS)

HAN students again satisfied with their degree programs

Strength in stability: Our students are satisfied with many aspects of their studies, as they were last year and the year before. These are the results of the 2023 edition of the National Student Survey (NSE) published today.

HAN Newsroom
01 June 2023
32748 studeren-aan-de-han
Campus Nijmegen

Look out for one another

Radboud University has received signals that in the past weeks 3 women have been harassed on their campus, each time by an unknown young man.

HAN Newsroom
11 April 2023
481912 Bord met het HAN logo voor K33 in Nijmegen. Met herfstbladeren.
Global Glass House

Pilot 'living together' in an international student house

What's it like to live in an international student house? What kind of conversations would evolve? What kind of meals would students eat together? The Global Glass House gives Dutch and international students the opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to live together in an upcoming pilot.

HAN Newsroom
11 April 2023
231035 International Week Health and Social Studies. horizontaal
Check travel planners and leave on time

Possible public transport strikes on 3, 5 and 7 April

HAN Newsroom
03 April 2023
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ISB Students Publish their Research

Ask a student what their favorite class is, and not many will say research. Navigating the ins and outs, from defining a problem to finding a solution, takes some practice and can be a big challenge, even for professionals. But once the process is clear, diving headfirst into a topic that becomes more and more intriguing the more you learn about it can be deeply satisfying and fulfilling, something any Ph.D. can confirm.

HAN Newsroom
22 March 2023
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From students for students

Free on-campus tutoring for International School of Business students!

Since April 2022, the International School of Business (ISB) offers tutoring for students by student assistants on the HAN campus in Arnhem. The aim is to support you, the student, more and better in addition to your standard lectures.

HAN Newsroom
20 March 2023
18260a70-0cfa-11ee-8d66-02565807075b Studenten R31 gang