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Inauguration Anna Sabidussi and inspiring World Café

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June 22nd was a big day for the International School of Business; the inauguration of Professor Anna Sabidussi marked the kick-off of the Center of International Business Research and jumpstarted partnerships for collaboration with members of the professional field.

Inauguration Speech Professor Anna Sabidussi

Professor Sabidussi's speech focused on the key dimensions involved in embracing sustainability and highlighted novel avenues and solution pathways to successfully engage in the necessary business transformations. She passionately discussed the economic, environmental, and societal scopes that can foster innovation opportunities in sustainable practices. Her compelling arguments underscored the urgent need for change and provided a roadmap for businesses to successfully navigate the transition towards sustainability. The event was attended by a diverse audience eager to gain insights into solving the pressing global challenges of our era. 

Anna Sabidussi Inauguration stola ceremony

Leading is much more than just a position, just a title, just wishful thinking. It is a choice. Our choice.

Jan-Joost Bosman, Roger van Hoesel, and Jenny Wassenaar

Panel with Business Experts

Following the keynote address, a panel of business experts engaged in a dialogue on sustainability transitions from their respective professional perspectives. This interactive session allowed the audience to actively participate, posing questions and gaining invaluable insights from the panellists. The expertise shared by these frontrunners in sustainability transitions shed light on practical approaches and inspired attendees to take action. 

Panle discussion inauguration anna sabidussi

Change is often violent. Disruptive. It can make people uncomfortable. So the conversation is also about stamina. How do you do that?

Brewing Ideas

World Café

To encourage diverse perspectives and foster international cooperation, the World Café provided a platform for business representatives, alumni, students, and academic partners from abroad to come together. In this setting, participants discussed and explored different yet interrelated themes of sustainable business transitions. The World Café aimed to facilitate the exchange of significant insights and form new bonds over ideas, contributing to the global conversatioon on sustainable practices.  

World Cafe tabel symposium

From solutions based on addressing symptoms to solutions based on addressing root causes.

As the event drew to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Professor Anna Sabidussi's keynote inaugural speech had set the tone for a future where sustainable business practices become the norm, providing hope and inspiration for individuals and organizations alike. 

With Professor Sabidussi's expertise and the collaborative efforts of business experts, students, and professionals, the event at HAN University of Applied Sciences marked a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable business transitions. It served as a catalyst for change, empowering attendees to make a positive impact in their respective fields and drive the transformation necessary to build a sustainable future for all. 

For potential collaborations, reach out to Professor Anna Sabidussi or the CIBR.

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