Erasmus+ is Europe’s answer to quality learning support. Through education, training, sport and youth programs. Erasmus+ funds educational institutions throughout Europe, including HAN. So that students and young professionals alike can study and gain real-life experience at locations abroad.

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Erasmus+ Program

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program ofthe European Union

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What you get

Inclusion on an international “playing field”. That’s what Erasmus+ is all about. This integrated exchange program ensures equal access and opportunities to you as a mobile student. Regardless of your background or financial situation. It’s international experience at its best. And every student is welcome!

You receive plenty of assistance under the Erasmus+ program. Think about getting help in obtaining your visa, insurance and/or accommodation. Even extra language lessons to help you reach the right linguistic level. Your education or training is based on a learning agreement. This keeps your education/training in check. So you get where you need to go. Scholastically speaking.

As an Erasmus+ student or trainee, you’re integrated automatically into the institution’s everyday life. For example; student mixers, professional networking events or other social activities. You also get mentoring and additional support. Just about everything to help you succeed in your international studies or work placement.

At HAN we strive to become more international and inclusive. At least 5% of our teaching and/or research staff are involved annually in international projects, guest lecturing, student/network visits, or conferences. To support our goals, we signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. And we observe the HAN Erasmus Policy Statement. Go to our website to read both documents. And see how HAN stays aligned with Erasmus+.

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Language requirements

All exchange programs at HAN are taught in English. The minimum language requirements may vary from program to program. Still, we’d like you to have at least language level B1 or B2. Then you can chat easily and independently with your classmates, lecturers and the locals. Read about the recommended language skills, which are in accordance with CEFR. And check whether your current skills match your exchange program language requirements.

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On exchange with a disability?

Do you have a disability? You’re welcome to participate in the HAN exchange programs! Both our campuses in Arnhem and Nijmegen offer modern student facilities. And in most cases, special arrangements can be made to facilitate your learning process. Like to be nominated as a HAN exchange student with a disability? Kindly ask your current school/institution to contact our International Office in advance.

meiden studeren samen met boeken en laptop een meisje rood shirt

HAN students abroad

Are you already a HAN student? Then you can also benefit from the Erasmus+ program. Study at one of our partner universities or do your internship abroad.Your study program and the International Office will help you once you decide you want to go abroad. If you have any questions now,you can also send an email to the HAN International Office. We’ll help you on your way!

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