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What really drives HAN? Find out by reading its vision and mission statement. And by scanning its annual repor…
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How can we slow down global warming? Why do people with less education or income live shorter lives? How can w…
HAN 25th anniversary
“Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen”, the Dutch name of our institution, is history. We now bear the English na…
Updates and answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and measures at HAN.…

FAQ Data Leak

Read all the frequently asked questions about the data leak that occurred at HAN in 2021.

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2022 National Student Survey:

High satisfaction with atmosphere

Another 2 nice wins: HAN students are very satisfied with the atmosphere in their degree program, and appreciation for study coaching is also increasing. These are the results of the 2022 edition of the National Student Survey (NSE) published today.

HAN Newsroom
31 May 2022
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Message from the Executive Board

War in Ukraine

HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) is shocked and concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Please read the message from our Executive Board.

HAN Newsroom
07 March 2022
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Storm Eunice

HAN closes at 12 noon today

Due to storm Eunice, HAN will close its doors at 12:00 today to give everyone the chance to get home safely. Your program may decide to provide online classes the whole day. Your pogram will inform you about the timetable.

HAN Newsroom
18 February 2022
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The executive board on unacceptable behavior

A shockwave hit the Netherlands last week after an episode of TV show BOOS revealed a culture of unacceptable behavior at 'The Voice of Holland'. The many reactions to this episode reveal that we are dealing with a societal problem.

HAN Newsroom
04 February 2022
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Data leak at HAN

Here we keep you up to date on the data leak at HAN.

HAN Newsroom
03 September 2021
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