Leading Sustainability Transitions: An International Business Perspective

The Center for International Business Research (CIBR), recently published the booklet "Leading Sustainability Transitions: An International Business Perspective". To celebrate this milestone, the center is sharing this publication with you.

Panel Discussion at Sustainability Symposium


The booklet follows the CIBR's symposium of June 2023 and serves as a repository for all the valuable insights that were gained during that day. It aims to offer an answer to the question: how can international businesses successfully transition to adopting sustainable practices?

This collaborative effort is the work of Professor Anna Sabidussi's inaugural address, her research team at CIBR, experts from the professional field, and ISB alumni. Together, they dive into the essential dimensions of sustainability transitions, offering insights from diverse sectors and industries. Additionally, contributors share their personal motivations behind embracing sustainable practices, adding their viewpoints to the discussion.

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Aftermovie Symposium

In conjunction with this release, we invite you to revisit the highlights of last year's symposium through an engaging aftermovie. Click the link below to relive the memorable moments of a day that was filled with inspiration and motivation.

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