International School of Business

The International School of Business trains students to become young professionals with strong commercial, personal and social skills. The environment is international and individual-focused. We work closely with partner universities abroad and with the international business community.



Home base for bachelor and master programs

The International School of Business is home to 2 bachelor programs and 1 master program all fully taught in English. We offer high-quality business education to 1,500 students from 60 different nationalities. Our programs are:


Home base for practice-based research

We work together with the degree programs to tackle social issues. We carry out practice-based research at the Center of International Business Research (CIBR). 

Center of International Business Research

Sustainability Transitions in International Businesses

How can organizations overcome barriers to sustainable behavioral change? What innovative approaches and technologies are needed to catalyze ecosystem transformation?

Organizations come to us with these kinds of questions and more. With the wide range of expertise at the Center of International Business Research, we investigate what businesses need to transition towards sustainable, circular practices.

68d04488-0cfd-11ee-a51a-02565807075b 11 people standing in front of a wall with an image of mint leaves in front of a blue sky. 5 of them sit on a sofa and the other 6 stand around them. Everyone is facing the camera and smiling.

Our community

The International School of Business has a tight-knit community where students, lecturers and staff come together. Throughout the year, the community organizes many events. We host talent shows, community dinners, sporting events, watch movies in the auditorium, attend masterclasses and so much more!

b8937c9e-0cf1-11ee-83ae-02565807075b The ISB Community hosted a sushi workshop.


International School of Business

Arjan Keunen, dean