Thinking about studying at HAN? Want to know if you meet the admission requirements? If you need a visa? And what are the application deadlines? Get quick answers here.

Studente studeren in studiecentrum en werken op laptop, van bovenaf

Choosing what and where to study is a big decision. At HAN University of Applied Sciences we want to help you …
How to apply
Have you decided to study at HAN University of Applied Sciences? A good decision! Find out here how to apply.…
When to apply
Check here the deadlines for applying for bachelor, master and exchange programs at HAN University of Applied …
Admission requirements
Thinking of studying at HAN? Here we outline the admission requirements for bachelor, master, exchange and sho…
Residence and Visa information
Are you an international student looking to study in the Netherlands? Then you might need a visa or residence …
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