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Danny works as an IT Consultant at SPAR Holding

Danny van Schaijk graduated from International Business in 2021. He is currently an IT Consultant at SPAR Holding in Waalwijk. How did studying IB help him land this job? What's it like to work as an IT Consultant? And what advice would he give to future IB students? Read all about it here.

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469535 Embedded Systems Engineering student William programming on his laptop
"Perfect for your career"

Chemistry student Kyndra recommends ASTP-program

Aruban Chemistry student Kyndra Farro (24) got a lot of inspiration from the extracurricular Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP). “There are all these areas where you don’t expect analytical chemistry to be involved, but then you find out it is.”

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469382 Chemiestudent Kyndra Farro neemt deel aan het Analytical Science Talent Program 2022
School Council

Vice-president of the School Council: 'More psychological help for international students'

Sofia Aparicio González (22) is a third year Life Sciences student at HAN University of applied sciences. She’s from Panama, but decided to study abroad. “At first I wanted to go to Australia. But the year that I applied not only the forest fires happened, but also covid-19 struck. So I had to rethink where to go.”

Julian Droog
453749 Life Sciences-student Sofia Gonzalez is studentlid van de Academieraad van de Academie Toegepaste Biowetenschappen en Chemie
Yavor is in Milan with a goal

From ice hockey to life sciences

Yavor Yordanov’s (23) story is both unusual and inspiring. At 18, he arrived in Nijmegen from Bulgaria to pursue a career as an ice hockey goalie. The covid pandemic ended this dream. But he'd also been studying Life Sciences at HAN. Yavor is now more motivated than ever to succeed: not as an ice hockey player, but as an academic. And for a very special reason.

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453142 Bulgaarse Life Sciences-student Yavor Yordanov loopt stage in Milaan2
Exchange student

“Dutch people are super nice, and direct”

Yunim Kim is an exchange student from South Korea who came to HAN for her Life Sciences studies. Having no trouble finding a room in Nijmegen, and after a highly enjoyable summer trip through Europe and of course HAN’s introduction week, her exchange is off to the perfect start.

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437784 Exchange student Yunim Kim voor interview september 2022
Dutch Architecture Meets Dutch Landscape Architecture

"If in doubt: Just do it!"

Dutch Architecture Meets Dutch Landscape Architecture is a minor that’s been in the pipeline for a long time. It was first launched in the 2021-2022 academic year. It’s a collaboration between HAN and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. It brings together the disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture.

Lex Eggink
436393 presentatie bij de minor dutch architecture meets dutch landscape architecture
PhD research

Towards a colorful society with art-based communities

People with intellectual disabilities often live in social isolation. How can they participate in society with more equal footing, so they can lead a more autonomous life? “Art-based” communities have the potential to be an important step towards social justice for people with intellectual disabilities.

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Verfkwasten voor schilderdoek
Lieke Dekkers earns PhD

Measuring quality of movement

Lieke Dekkers, physical therapy lecturer and researcher in neurorehabilitation at HAN University of Applied Sciences, earned her PhD at Radboud University for her research: The art of observing the moving child.

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168010 foto bij nieuwsbericht over promotie Lieke Dekkers op meetinstrument voor kwaliteit van bewegen
HAN collaborates on study

Music interventions reduce stress

Stress negatively impacts our health. We know that better and better. But how can we reduce stress when our daily environments keep stress levels up? Scientists looked into the effects of music interventions and found that they had a significant effect on stress reduction.

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