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The role of class representative comes naturally to Stas Shchedrovitskaya: ‘The school listens to us’

First year Life Sciences student ‘Stas’ Shchedrovitskaya is class representative. A role which fits her perfectly. The energetic, hypersocial Latvian already feels completely at home in Nijmegen. “I like to just go out and see what I encounter.”

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Life Sciences-student Nastya Shchedrovitskaya is klassenvertegenwoordiger voor ATBC
PhD Research

Recognition for social connection online is important

Social connections are important, for example, to combat polarization. At the same time, we are facing digitalization and globalization. How do Social Work students connect with others? What role do social media play in society and how can social workers make use of this?

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Studenten buiten mobiel selfie man vrouw
Going abroad

Colorful statues, fireworks and long days in the lab: Zheliana’s first weeks as an intern in Valencia

From a small town in Bulgaria, Zheliana Radilova came to the Netherlands to study Life Sciences at the HAN. The lab skills she gained in the previous years come in handy at her new internship in Spain. “I notice I have an advantage compared to academic university students.”

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Life Sciences-student Zheliana Radilova loopt stage in Barcelona
Going abroad

Lauren went from exchange student to PhD in Australia’s sunshine state: ‘I love the outdoor lifestyle here’

Lauren Geurds went on exchange to Australia for the graduation internship of her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at HAN. 6 years later she finished her PhD, found a prestigious new job, and feels fully integrated Down under.

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ATBC-student Lauren Geurds liep stage in Australië, haalde er haar PhD en woont daar inmiddels

Jan is vice-president of the School Council: ‘A very rewarding job’

Did you know that our school offers a part-time job in which you represent your fellow students, have a say in the school’s affairs and which also is a great addition to your resume? The School Council is looking for a new member, and its vice-president Jan Novoselec is happy to inform you about it.

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Chemistrystudent Jan Novoselec is vice-voorzitter van de Academieraad
Explore potential career paths

5 reasons why you should visit the ISB Career Fair 2024

Mark your calendar for the annual ISB Career Fair on 18 April 2024.

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International students Diego and Chadionne with their bikes looking for directions on the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.
Parttime Master Molecular Life Sciences

Obada went from Syria to the Netherlands and from Linguistics to Biotechnology: ‘I’m very focused on my career’

The Erasmus Mundus exchange programme brought Obada Zaidany to the Netherlands. But his master’s degree in Linguistics didn’t provide him with enough job opportunities. His turn to a different approach paid off, as he is currently working fulltime as an R&D technician for Intravacc, while studying for his master’s degree in Molecular Life Sciences.

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Deeltijd masterstudent Obada Zaidany
Bringing the lab to the patient

Russian Elena combines master's degree in Molecular Life Sciences with an internship at Enzyre

Elena Krivosheeva from Russia combines her study at HAN University of Applied Sciences with a job at Enzyre, situated at the Novio Campus in Nijmegen.

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Elena Krivosheeva, headerfoto
International cooperation

HAN starts a unique joint degree in life sciences with Dundee University

HAN and the University of Dundee School of Life Sciences have been collaborating for a long time now. Yet, what internationalisation coordinator Remko Bosch and Professor David Coates have been stirring up in the past years, is particularly interesting. Coming academic year, the new and highly ambitious Joint Degree in Biomolecular Sciences will start for a select group of students.

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Academie Toegepaste Biowetenschappen en Chemie gaat samenwerken met de universiteit in Dundee. Op de foto David Coates en Remko Bosch (rechts)

Finnish and Dutch students work together on sustainability challenges in 'Biobased Battle': 'Fuelling entrepreneurial spirit'

Let students from minors such as Circular Economy, Biobased Innovations and Agronomy come up with solutions to sustainability challenges together and see what happens. That is the idea of the 'Biobased Battle'. Last week, 142 students from Dutch and Finnish universities of applied sciences worked on three interesting challenges. "Even better than recycling, is prevention."

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HAN BioCentre-manager Carlien Verberne reikt een prijs uit aan de winnaar van een van de drie challenges van de Biobased Battle, Dirk-Jaap Willemsen.