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Milena Melnyk: ‘If you’re interested in analytical sciences and socializing, ASTP is the programme for you’

Milena Melnyk fell in love with the Dutch clouds ánd with the Analytical Science Talent Program (ASTP). “I always look forward to the ASTP-Saturdays.”

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b5b63e50-892c-11ee-86fd-aa7666fdc5f0 Chemistrystudent Milena Melnyk volgt het ASTP-programma
A great example of an Innovative Learning Environment

Unknown, Makes Unloved so 'Raising Global Citizens at Home'

Can we at HAN educate agile global citizens while reducing our footprint and increasing equity? Can we ensure we are not excluding people because we have certain prejudices? Yes, we can!

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698e3161-69a9-11ee-9571-048b3bf2f204 studenten buiten bij R31
Exchange student

Daiana Horbach visited from Bonn: 'It's fun to see how people in other countries study'

Daiana Horbach is 1 of 25 students from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences participating in the exchange program with ATBC. The Ukrainian recently learned all kinds of things during her two days in Nijmegen.

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62556d40-7e3b-11ee-8908-65ec5b64a6b1 Daiana Horbach studeert in Bonn en is in Nijmegen voor een uitwisseling met ATBC-studenten
International students

At WIS Club students help each other through games & karaoke

As an international student it can be tough to find your way in a completely new environment. Especially in the first year. But don’t worry, because our school hosts many internationals who are going through the same, or who already experienced it and are happy to help. They get together every month in the new Wellbeing in Science club (WIS).

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cef62fd0-7971-11ee-861a-eb9fc9a842e8 Voorzitter van de WIS Club van ATBC Liudmyla Zhukovska
Internship abroad

Life Science student Juana is happy in the Netherlands: ‘Despite the gray and rainy days’

Barcelonian student Juana de Philippis studies Life Sciences at HAN and is currently back in her hometown following an internship at the Pediatric Cancer Institute. It’s the place she already imagined herself working after her graduation. But first some nice years in Nijmegen. “I love the beautifully green nature and parks around there.”

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Student experience: Talia Heinen

''I learn a lot about different cultures from all over the world''

Talia is a 3rd year International Social work student. Curious about her experiences and her advice for new students? Read more to find out.

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527361 Een foto van student International Social Work Talia Heinen tijdens haar stage in Sri Lanka.
Student experience: Manuela Pekelman Venturini (International Social Work)

''I love that we all help each other''

Manuela is 28 and comes from Brazil. She’s in her 1st year of International Social Work. She loves the caring and helpful attitude of her classmates.

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f909f5ac-0cfe-11ee-b15b-02565807075b International Social Work, klas, college, 2 docenten, vrouw
Student experience: Greggory Lien (International Social Work)

''I've become more expressive''

Greggory is 27 and comes from the USA. He’s in his 1st year of International Social Work. Curious what made him apply for International Social Work and how it changed him as a person? Read on to find out.

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52755978-0cf6-11ee-9df4-02565807075b International Social Work student in HAN Nijmegen building
Internship abroad

Jasmijn chose biomedical research instead of a dancing career

During her high school years, Jasmijn Heijzelaar (21) was sure she wanted to apply for art school. But then she visited one of HAN’s Open Days and learned about Life Sciences. Four years later she is doing fundamental research on nervous system development in octopuses for her internship at KU Leuven. “They can camouflage themselves within milliseconds, that’s fascinating.”

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38f26990-61c0-11ee-be26-b23f2654e5f1 Life Sciences-student Jasmijn Hazelaar loopt stage in Leuven
Student support

Confidential counsellor Ton helps people with his life experience: 'Seek help'

Ton Ammerlaan is a confidential advisor for HAN academies - including ATBC -, who helps people deal with undersirable and transgressive behaviour. Using his interesting career background and enormous commitment, Ton knows exactly what he can do in that role. "It's rewarding to help someone regain control instead of feeling like a victim.”

Pim Muller
eb8068f4-5974-11ee-9f70-024215b4a989 Ton Ammerlaan is vertrouwenspersoon voor ATBC