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Your program

The International School of Business offers an International Business program with lots of options to specialize. In finance, management, supply chain management or marketing. You get the theory and the practice. Lots of practice. Grow and discover your talents in the exciting world of international business.

Subjects and a program of the International Business Bachelor at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

International Business: program in brief

The international business program at the International School of Business gives you a broad view of the field. You follow subjects in finance, management, supply chain management and marketing. And you study a foreign language.  

You don’t just learn the theory. You also put it into practice. During team projects for external clients. And when you work as an intern at an international company. You also study abroad at one of our partner universities. Finally, you complete a Graduation Internship in a company. This is where you apply all your knowledge and skills to solving a real problem. 


Click here to check out the Open Day presentation for International Business.

International Business Bachelor study place on a HAN University of Applied Sciences campus in the Netherlands

Solid foundation

Your 1st year gives you a solid foundation in the field of International Business.

1st-year courses

Courses include Marketing & E-business, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain Management and Change Management. You also study a foreign language: Dutch, French, German or Spanish. This language could be relevant for your internship or study abroad later in your degree.

Academic calendar

The academic year runs from September to August. In that time you have 42 weeks of education. The rest of the time you have holidays.


Are you missing home? Are your classes too challenging? Want advice about your internship? Your study coach is there to help you with such issues. At the start of your degree you’re assigned a study coach. At the International School of Business you are also linked to a buddy for the 1st semester. Your buddy is a 2nd-year student who helps you settle in. Think of practical matters like opening a bank account. Or tips on dealing with Dutch culture.  


HAN uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system is part of the bachelor-master structure. ECTS credits are a measure of the workload of a degree program.  


At the end of 1st year, you receive study advice. The credits you’ve earned are an important factor in this. Positive advice means you can move on to the 2nd year. Negative advice means you have to stop. That way you don’t waste time on a program that doesn't really suit you. 

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Specialization year

During your 2nd year you dive into your chosen specialization. Finance, Marketing & Sales, Organization & Change or Supply Chain Management. You also work on team projects. These give you valuable practical experience as they stimulate a real working environment.



As a finance expert you monitor a company’s finances. You also report on your findings to management. This helps them to make good decisions for the company. Your ultimate goal? To help the company thrive financially.

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Organization & Change

In today’s global world, companies face new developments all the time. As a manager, you support and advise them in this process. How can the company deal with the changes? And how do they implement them? That’s your expertise.

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Marketing & Sales

As an expert in sales marketing, you help companies expand. That could be by expanding into new markets abroad. Or by improving existing international sales. What do customers want? Which new markets should you move into? You know how to find answers to these questions.

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Supply Chain Management

As a supply chain manager, you organize people and products. Your job is to make sure items move in the right direction at the right time. From the raw material phase, through production, and all the way to the end user. You make sure this process runs smoothly.

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Going abroad

The 3rd year of your International Business degree is about expanding your horizons. First you get a taste of university life at a foreign university. You can choose from over 120 partner universities across the globe. Then you work as an intern at an international company. The Netherlands has lots of multinationals. Want to go abroad again? No problem. Many students go abroad for their internships.

Study abroad

Want to learn more about a  certain aspect of business?  Or about another culture? Like to improve your language skills? Your  study abroad  lets you do all this. It’s a fairly flexible semester. You give your preferences for the country and the university you'd like to go to. Then there's a selection procedure and you find out where you'll be studying. Your subjects? You choose subjects that interest you and fit your specialization.


How do you perform in a professional situation? How do you deal with cultural differences? And which areas do you still need to develop? Your internship is the ideal place to reflect on these questions. You could be interning at any number of international companies. Deloitte Consulting, KLM or L’Oréal, for example. You’ll work in the marketing, sales, finance or logistics department, depending on your chosen specialization.

Experience it for yourself!

Want to discover whether International Business at HAN is the right choice for you? Experience it for yourself at an Open Day. Our students and staff look forward to meeting you there!

HAN Open Day


As an international business professional, you need solid research skills. For example, when you want to expand your business into new markets. Or create a strategic plan. Throughout this degree, you get hands-on experience with research. During the team projects, for example. Also, when you do your graduation project. This way you can validate the choices you make and give sound advice. 

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Graduation year

The 4th and final year of your degree: your graduation year. Prepare to operate as a young professional in international business. Work on an individual research project in the 1st semester. And embark on your graduation internship in the 2nd semester.

Research project

First you follow a number of modules to prepare yourself for the international business arena. Then you get stuck into an individual research project. The topic? You can choose a topic that fits in with your personal career ambitions. In this project you assume the role of consultant who is developing a selling tool. A tool based on a short-cycle research methodology.

Graduation internship

In your final semester you intern at a company in an international business context. Develop and show your professional competence by performing complex tasks and activities in the fields of marketing & sales, finance, organization & change, communication or supply chain management. You’ll work with a large degree of autonomy. But you have to prove you’re able to integrate various competencies at the level of a starting professional. How do you show this? Through a portfolio and a criterium-based interview.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Your reward after 4 years of dedicated study: a Bachelor of Business Administration. Great work! The program you've completed is accredited by 2 important accreditation organizations:

  • Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)
  • Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA)
  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD

So you now have an internationally recognized degree. Ready to start your international career? Or continue your studies in a master program?

Bachelor of Business Administration

What will you specialize in?

Find out what students like about their specialization in Finance, Organization & Change, Supply Chain Management and Marketing & Sales.

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Find out about job opportunities, experiences of alumni and options for further studies in the field of international business. 

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