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Careers in International Business

Ready for a dynamic career in international business? Working as a supply chain manager, marketing consultant or financial analyst perhaps? In your future career you attend meetings, travel, analyze data, write reports, network and much more. No 2 days will be the same!

Jobs in international business

With your international business degree, you can apply for a wide range of jobs. In management, finance, supply chain management or marketing, for example. You generally start in an entry-level position. Then you can progress to middle or senior management. Here are some jobs you could apply for:

  • (Junior) International Marketing Manager

    As an international marketing manager, you plan the international marketing strategy. Each year you integrate a range of marketing activities. Anything from direct mail and brochures to presentations and exhibitions. You also check the effect of these activities. Other responsibilities? Brand exposure, budgeting and internal communication. 

  • International Sales Manager

    As an international sales manager, you manage the sales team. Your aim? To achieve both personal and team sales targets. How? By developing international partnerships. Making strong proposals. Channeling sales opportunities. Developing long-term, strategic reseller relationships. Making sales forecasts. And ensuring customer requests are handled professionally. 

  • International Marketing Consultant

    As an international sales manager, you launch products and services on foreign markets. You identify and develop international marketing efforts. And you expand on existing markets. How? By tracking an analyzing market data. 

  • Export Manager

    As an export manager, you arrange the import and export of goods. And the oversees delivery of goods. You also act as an intermediary. For whom? For organizations and individuals who are exporting to different locations. Your aim? To ensure goods are transported safely and efficiently. And that it is done in the most cost-effective way. 

''My network made it so much easier to land this job''

Danny works as an IT Consultant at SPAR Holding

Danny van Schaijk graduated from International Business in 2021. He is currently an IT Consultant at SPAR Holding in Waalwijk. How did studying IB help him land this job? What has it been like to work as an IT Consultant? And what advice would he give to future IB students? Read more to find out.

Danny van Schaijk, student International Business.

The next step after graduating

You now have your Bachelor of Business Administration. What’s the next step? All kinds of companies need management, marketing, finance and supply chain specialists. And you can use HAN’s alumni network to connect with international companies. So you’ll find your perfect job in no time. 

werkplekken studenten met laptop
Master in Circular Economy

Sustainable business is the future

Thinking about pursuing a master's degree? Consider studying Circular Economy. Combining your intercultural communication skills with expertise in sustainability is a powerful move. Here's why:

  • The transition to a circular economy is a global trend. You have what it takes to engage in global initiatives. Use your international mindset and address sustainability challenges in a global context.
  • Sustainability is the future. The demand for eco-conscious business practices keeps on growing. You can lead in industries where sustainability is a competitive advantage!
A woman gives an explanation in front of the class

#Ask a student

What do International Business students themselves say about their program? Watch these short videos to hear what students have to say about studying International Business at HAN.

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Ayushee student ib organization and change international business specialisation