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Communication at the International School of Business gives you the theory and the practice. Lots of practice. So you can grow and discover your niche in the communication field.

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Communication: program in brief

In your 1st and 2nd years you follow various communication courses. From marketing and public relations to advertising and intercultural awareness. You work on projects and study a foreign language. In your 3rd year you work as an intern and you study abroad. The graduation project is the focus of your 4th year. Here you solve a communication issue for an international organization.

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Solid foundation

Your 1st year gives you a solid foundation in the field of communication. And you get to work on your foreign language.

Communication courses

Courses include marketing communication and branding, digital marketing and business communication.

Foreign language

You also study a foreign language: Dutch, French, German or Spanish. This language could be important for your internship or study abroad later in your degree.

Watch this short video and listen to how Communication student Andreja from Lithuania chose her foreign language. She also gives tips to future students.

Academic calendar

The academic year runs from September to August. In that time you have 42 weeks of education. The rest of the time you have holidays.


HAN uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system is part of the bachelor-master structure. ECTS credits are a measure of the workload of a degree program.  


At the end of 1st year, you receive study advice. The credits you’ve earned are an important factor in this. Positive advice means you can move on to the 2nd year. Negative advice means you have to stop. That way you don’t waste time on a program that doesn't really suit you. 

Students share their 1st-year experiences

Life in Arnhem

“After half a year I got used to living in Arnhem. During the summer break, I was back in Germany. I really missed my room and my life in Arnhem.” Ricarda Tauber, 2nd-year student from Germany

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A cozy environment

“Compared to big cities like Amsterdam, Arnhem is great for studying. That’s because the environment is really cozy. It’s also peaceful and people are so friendly.” Mohammed Gharib, 1st-year student from Iran

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Culture shock

“We experienced a culture shock when we first arrived here. The lecturers and students really comforted me and made me feel at home.” Shavira Rizky, 1st-year student from Indonesia

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Feeling at home

“The coach asked me about my daily life, my recent concerns, and if I needed any help. At that moment, I supposed I didn’t have any big matters and everything was fine. That’s when I realized I felt at home.” Vi Thi Thao Pham, 1st year student from Vietnam

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Your lecturers and study coach are your first line of support at HAN. At the International School of Business you also get a buddy for the 1st semester. That's a 2nd-year student who helps you settle in.

In this short video, student Diana from Bulgaria talks about support from lecturers at the International School of Business.

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Growing independence

The 2nd year of Communication challenges you to work more independently.


Dive into exciting projects for external clients. Like making an E-magazine. Other courses include branding and concepting, public relations and marketing communication.

Project: E-magazine

Communication students Lida Metaj, Nica Padua and Anastasia Tchoubina Kuzina won the 2021 E-magazine contest. 

"With our magazine CONNECT we wanted new students to be excited to come to Arnhem as well as give them the feeling that they are not alone because there are so many internationals." 

Read all about Screen Detox, the ISB through student eyes, your new home in Arnhem, and much more in CONNECT!

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Going abroad

The 3rd year of communication gets you out of your comfort zone. First broaden your horizons by studying abroad for a semester. Then work as an intern at an international company for a semester.

Study abroad

Communication is a global business. That’s why we send you abroad for a semester. Where you’ll go? You can choose from over 120 partner universities across the globe. Want to learn more about a particular business topic? Or about another culture? Like to improve your language skills? You can do all this during your study abroad. It’s a flexible semester where you get to choose your own courses.


Knowing the theory is one thing. But how do you put it into practice? Your internship gives you the chance to do just this! Put all your communication skills into practice and find out how you perform in a professional, international setting. Where you’ll go? That could be a commercial company, advertising agency, government institution or non-profit. For example, Adidas Group in Germany or Mercedes Benz in the Netherlands.

Experience it for yourself!

Want to discover whether Communication at HAN is the right choice for you? Experience it for yourself at an Open Day. Our students and staff look forward to meeting you there!

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Research is an important part of working as a communication specialist. Imagine you’re devising a communication plan. You need to know how your target group behaves. And, once you’ve implemented your plan, you need to measure the results. How do you do that? Through qualitative research, so focusing on the experience. Or through quantitative research, focusing on data. Throughout this degree, you learn to apply your research skills in practice.

Afstuderen, graduation ceremony

Graduation year

The 4th and final year of your communication degree. You work on a campaign for a real company. And you follow courses like public relations, online management and personal leadership. Your final year project is the graduation assignment. Here you do research on a real communication problem a company is facing. The results of your research are presented to the company in a strategic plan.


In the fourth year you follow courses link public relations, online management and personal leadership.

Working on a real campaign

In the integrated communication project you work on a real campaign. You get tutoring and extra modules to help you structure the project. Tieu Anh Nguy and Marcell Koolman worked on a campaign for Kuehne + Nagel. Their topic? Employer branding. This project is a step up to the graduation project, where you work independently.

Graduation assignment

Your final-year project: the graduation assignment. Here you work with an internationally oriented company like Microsoft, Nike and Estee Lauder. Your job is to make a strategic plan for a communication problem they are experiencing. This could be a marketing communication plan, a branding plan, a public relations plan, an internal communication plan or an online plan. You do the research and present the plan to the company.

Bachelor of arts in communication

After 4 years of hard work you have your Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Great job! The program you've completed is accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). That means you now have an internationally recognized degree. Ready to start your international career? Or raise your level with a master degree?

Bachelor of arts in communication

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