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Join the ISB Community to get the most out of yourself!

The International School of Business has a tight-knit community where students, lecturers and staff come together. Throughout the year, the community organizes many events. We host talent shows, community dinners, sporting events, watch movies in the auditorium, attend masterclasses and so much more!

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January 2024 

Community Event Calendar



Exam Rewind with Snacks January 09, 11, 16 & 18


Coffee Morning January 30


Sip 'n Bead January 30




Sports Nights

Sports bring people together. The community comes together in sports evenings. This is free for all HAN students and alumni. We play Volleyball, Football and Basketball at Kermisland and Bethanien in Arnhem. You can find a detailed timetable below or on Instagram @isbinternationalcommunity.

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If you are keen on friendly competitive sports, this is to look forward to. Twice a year, the ISB Community organizes 2 tournaments for Basketball- and Football-lovers. This event brings about healthy playground for both HAN students, alumni and staff. We also welcome students from other education institutions to participate.

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The most-loved event from the ISB Community! Twice a semester, we organize a trip to bring students and staff together and strengthen the sense of community. In the past, we visited the German Christmas Market, Keukenhof Park, Female World Cup Volleyball in GelreDome.

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Dine & Talk

Dine & Talk is a monthly activity. During these dinners, we talk about thought-provoking and worldly topics such as politics worldwide, poverty, sustainability, boundaries, human rights and more. Of course, we do this while enjoying finger-licking food.

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We organize both cultural and creative workshops monthly. Cultural workshops are our jams! In collaboration with students organizations and local restaurants, the ISB Community has organized many successful cultural workshops, for instance, Sushi, Kimbap and Vietnamese Spring Roll workshops. Creative workshops such as photography, cooking, pott


HAN's Got talent

Every year, international exchange students comes together to host: HAN’s Got Talent! Everybody is welcome to share their (hidden) talents on stage during the best nights of the year. Preparation, auditions and fun result in a night you won't forget.

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Everyone is welcome to join our sports evenings for free!

Sports Time
Basketball, Volleyball Monday
Volleyball Wednesday
Football Thursday
Basketball, Volleyball Friday


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"A supportive community that offers a sense of belonging, so that you feel at home even when away from home. "

International School of Business

ISB Communication students Trung Duc Pham and Harley Vu Anh Nhu made an amazing video about the HAN for the Digital Marketing module. Check it out to see what you can expect from your journey at ISB.

The Base Camp

The ISB Community has a home, a place to celebrate, a place to be together: our base camp! The design of the base camp represents our community’s culture, beliefs and heritage.

It is our very own multi-functional area where you can study, relax, organize a meeting or attend our events and guest lectures. After all, the strongest connections happen in the real world. 

Check out our base camp in Google Street View here.


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Journey Magazine

ISB Communication students Nina Top, Tin Nguyen, Anh Tran and Blossom Elkerbout created an awesome magazine during their Digital Magazine project in C cluster! "Journey is an adventure for you to discover the four elements of the universe earth, fire, air and water through four chapters (Fundamentals, Energy, Spirituality and Reflection). After completing Journey, we believe you can achieve the ultimate of wise and happiness in the end." Get tips for managing your school life, well-being and read about other students' stories!

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