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We conduct practice-oriented research together with students, aimed at responsible and smart use of the living nature. We work closely with companies that support the same ambition.

Our research focuses, for example, on the production of biobased raw materials based on fermentation, the development of separation methods for full use of residual flows from agriculture and horticulture, the development of new medicines by adapting substances obtained from plants, the development of alternative test methods to replace animal experiments or on the design of methods and software that can make use the enormous amount of available (genetic) data.

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    Research themes

    Within HAN BioCentre we focus our research on three main themes, namely: Biobased Research, Bio-information|Data Science and Drug Discovery. We fill in these themes through a number of specific research lines

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    We work with partners in various ways: through contract research, a joint subsidy project, a tailor-made course, or through facility sharing.

    We will gladly discuss the research options at the HAN BioCentre. Students can join us through an internship, a minor project or a graduation project.

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    Projects and partners

    Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with a large number of partners on a variety of projects.

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    Our team

    We develop scientific knowledge aimed at addressing questions from practice. We work in multi-disciplinary teams based on clearly different areas of expertise.


Symposium Renewable Resources

HAN BioCentre organizes a symposium, in collaboration with Hogeschool InHolland, to finalize the project 'Renewable Resources from Plant Stem Juice – Circular Greenhouse'. The event will be held on 11 October 2023.

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Radboud Summer School

Every year in summer, Radboud University, Pivot Park and HAN organize a Summer School on drug discovery.

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Are you interested to learn more about one of our current or past projects, or would you like to discuss other research possibilities?

Would you like to know if our facilities are available?

Or are you a student and would you like information about an internship, graduation or minor project at the HAN BioCentre?

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