475164 Het team lectoren, onderzoekers en medewerkers van HAN BioCentre

Our lectors and researchers develop scientific knowledge focussed on actual questions. We work in a multi- disciplinary manner with different expertises. 

(Associate) lectors

Christof Francke, dr.

Associate lector Bio-informatics | Data Science
475166 Associate lector Christof Francke van HAN BioCentre

Pedro Hermkens, dr.

Lector Drug Discovery
475178 Lector Drug Discovery en medewerker HAN BioCentre Pedro Hermkens

Christien Lokman, dr.

Lector Industrial Microbiology; Program manager Sustainable Energy and Environment (SEE)
475177 Lector SEECE en medewerker HAN BioCentre Christien Lokman

Richèle Wind, dr.

Associate lector Biobased Innovation
475171 Associate lector Biodiscovery en coordinator HAN BioCentre Richele Wind


Philip de Groot, dr

Project leader Data Mining

Sefanne Hakken, MSc

Project leader Antimicrobial Resistance and Lab coordinator
475174 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Sefanne Hakken

David van de Klashorst, BSc

Technician Celbiology
475175 Medewerker HAN BioCentre David van de Klashorst

Tim Kleijweg, MSc

Technician molecular biology
475181 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Tim Kleijweg

Else Kragt, MSc

Technician Biorefinery and Analytical Chemistry
475176 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Else Kragt

Dennis Lamers, BSc

PhD researcher Microbial Oil
475170 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Dennis Lamers

Martijn van der Pol, BSc

System controller
475172 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Martijn van de Pol

Stefan van Rootselaar, dr.

Teacher-researcher Organical Chemistry

Piret Saar-Reismaa PhD.

Teacher-researcher Analytical Chemistry

Sedigheh Safari


Anne Selten, BSc

475180 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Anne Selten

Bart Smeets, dr.

Project leader celbiological model systems
475179 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Bart Smeets

Karin Struijs, dr. ir.

Project leader Biorefinery and Analytical Chemistry
475182 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Karin Struijs

Carlien Verberne-van de Laak, MSc

Program manager CoE; Project leader Fermentation and Downstream processing
470305 Carlien Verberne, manager HAN BioCentre, Centre of Expertise van de HAN

Bram Visscher, BSc

Technician Fermentation
475173 Medewerker HAN BioCentre Bram Visscher

Elly van der Zwart-van Oosterhoud


Marije Roelofs-Lam

Administrative ...


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