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TOR certificate

Students rewarded for entrepreneurial spirit

International Business students Chingiskhan Kazakhstan and Max Schalow are now the proud owners of a TOR certificate. That's HAN's Top Entrepreneur Scheme for students. The scheme gives them the best possible chance to build their start-up, just like top athletes build their sports careers.

HAN Newsroom
04 June 2021
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On our way back

Coronavirus self-test pilot study to expand in-person education

On Thursday 8 April, 400 HAN student volunteers began using rapid self-tests for coronavirus. They are part of a pilot study to investigate how we can enable more in-person education in the upcoming academic year.

HAN Newsroom
09 April 2021
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HAN Future Festival

Creating a new strategic plan together

Working together on HAN’s new strategic plan: that was the goal of the Future Festival, which took place on 1 April. Staff, lecturers, professors and student members of the Participation Council came together online to share knowledge and put their ideas in writing.

HAN Newsroom
09 April 2021
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Not so lonely anymore

International students welcome in living room

Since the lockdown and curfew, social life for students has been on the back burner. This applies even more to the international students who cannot rely on friends and family. What is the International School of Business doing to keep this group of students from getting lonely?

HAN Newsroom
22 February 2021
255121 Foto van basecamp van International School of Business, die is omgebouwd tot huiskamer voor eenzame internationale studenten.
Connecting Worlds

Week of the international student at HAN

This year's Week of the International Student is from 16 to 21 November. This year's theme? 'Changing Times - Connecting Worlds'. At HAN, the week is all about encounters between international and Dutch students. Students with international experience are put in the spotlight.

HAN Newsroom
16 November 2020
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Vacancies and networking

Coronavirus and staying in the Netherlands after graduation

Vacancies and networking opportunities are in decline for international graduates due to the corona crisis. So graduates started a petition to extend the search year. Minister Koolmees for Social Affairs couldn't give them exactly this, but did make an important concession.

HAN Newsroom
17 August 2020
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Succeeding Kees Boele

Rob Verhofstad new chair of executive board

Rob Verhofstad has been appointed chair of the Executive Board by the HAN Supervisory Board. He will start on 1 October, and if possible already in September. Verhofstad is succeeding Kees Boele, who was chair of the Executive Board of HAN until 16 March 2020.

HAN Newsroom
30 June 2020
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International Design Awards

Design of new HAN corporate identity wins prize

Total Design won an important international prize for the design of the new HAN-brand and corporate identity. They were 3rd in the category ‘Print - Corporate Identity’ at the prestigious American International Design Awards (IDA).

HAN Newsroom
10 February 2020
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Apple of Orange

Queen Máxima visits ElanArt at HAN

On Wednesday 8 January 2020 Queen Máxima visited the HAN campus in Nijmegen. The reason? To see the work of the ElanArt foundation, winner of the Appeltje van Oranje (Apple of Orange) in 2019 and collaboration partner of HAN.

HAN Newsroom
14 January 2020
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Energy technology

HAN W@TTS invests in technical education and research

HAN W@TTS stands for: ‘Infrastructure for Research and Education on Power Systems’. That means energy technology for the entire HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem!

HAN Newsroom
07 January 2020
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