February start

Are you planning to start your studies in February? Good idea! There are many benefits to starting in February. Find out all you need to know about the February start - from student experiences to practical matters such as scholarships and application procedures.

International students Diego and Tam looking for books in the library on the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.

The benefits of a winter intake

Why choose for a February intake at HAN University?

Starting a degree program in February instead of September has several advantages:

  • The Februaryintake allows fora longer break after your graduation
    More and morestudents decide to go for a winter intakeso they cantravel and/or volunteer before they start a new chapter in their livesstudying abroad.
  • More time to prepare yourself to study in the Netherlands
    Moving abroad requires a lot of preparation.When you start in September, there's little time between your graduation and the start of the academic year in August. Why not take your time so that youdon't feel rushed?
''I didn't have to stress about preparing to move abroad''

Kelvin's experience

Kelvin Ebere is a first-year Communication student from Nigeria. ''There are a few reasons why I choose to start my studies in February. First, it gave me a lot more time to prepare for my registrations and travels. Since I chose for the winter intake, I paid the tuition fee for the remaining 5 months of the academic year instead of the whole year. When I started, I genuinely thought it would be a different experience from the September start, but it wasn’t. The modules were practically the same and easy to catch up on. I have not encountered any difficulties since I started out in February contrary to September. It feels the same and you definitely will not feel left out in any way.''

Photo of Kelvin Ebere, Communication student
''The February start gave me extra opportunities''

Oleksandra's experience

Oleksandra is a first-year Communication student from Ukraine. ''I started studying at HAN last February. I wanted to begin in September, but I was still a student at another university and needed a bit more time to arrange everything. So, when I saw that HAN had a February intake, I enrolled right away. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I would love it to continue that way. Since I started in February, I have even been given some extra opportunities (extra retakes, for instance). I didn't experience anything different in a bad way from those who started in September at all. Now that the February semester is about to end, I can finally enjoy the nice Dutch summer!''

Photo of Oleksandra (Alexa) Pliekhanova, student of Communication
16 November 2024

Online Open Day

Our Online Open Day was on 23 March 2024. Did you miss it? No worries! We’ve recorded sessions of our talk shows about visa, housing, admission, scholarships, student life and more. So you can watch our videos wherever and whenever you like.

The next Online Open Day is on 16 November 2024. Want to be notifiedwhen registrations for the next Online Open Day open? Pre-register for November so you’ll get a mail from us when you can secure your spot for the Online Open Day. Don't miss this chance to connect with HAN students, lecturers and ask all of your questions.

International students Diego and Andrei studying at the library on the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Practical information

Academic calendar

Find all the essential information you need to plan your studies at HAN. Discover key dates, important deadlines, national holidays and upcoming events throughout the academic year.

Een klok en een agenda om een afspraak te maken voor studenten.

HAN Intro

Starting your studies in February 2024? Join the HAN Intro for February starters. Join fun events and activities that help you settle into your studies, meet fellow students, and get acquainted with the university.

Students Noa, Chadionne, Tam, Diego, Nyugen and Andrei relaxing and drinking coffee in the Hangar on the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Cost of Living

Planning to pursue the study of your dreams at HAN? Awesome! Check out our page about the cost of living for international students in Arnhem and Nijmegen so you can make a financial plan to cover your costs.

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Frequently asked questions

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