HAN Intro

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HAN Intro

The HAN Intro is the orientation for all new students at HAN. During the HAN Intro and in particular the HAN International Welcome Day, we help you, international students, assure a smooth transition to life and study in the Netherlands; from pre-arrival information to a warm welcome at HAN!

HAN Intro What to expect

During the HAN Intro, you'll take part in all kinds of activities together with your fellow students and our enthusiastic student intro buddies who are here to help and guide you.

First, the HAN International Office will organize the International Welcome Day, as part of the HAN Intro. We'll provide essential information you need to get started in the Netherlands. You will get to meet fellow international students from different study programs. And the international student associations among others.

The rest of the Introduction will be organized by your degree or exchange program, where you'll meet your lecturers, classmates and fellow HAN students. Find out about your books and timetable. And much more.

Open upMeeting area and festival

The start of your studies, the start of student life… HAN University of Applied Sciences opens its doors for you with Open Up!

Join our HAN community in the Open Up Area! A meeting place with music and an outdoor café to kick back and relax a bit during the HAN Intro. But also a place where you can meet us, HAN staff. To have a chat. To ask your questions. To find guidance. Together with us, you'll get to know campus life and all it has to offer.

And last, but certainly not least... When the mood is set and friendships have been made, it's time to end the week with a bang during the Open Up Festival! You can get your ticket at the Open Up Area.

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Coming upHAN International Welcome Day

The HAN Intro August 2023 will take place in the last week of August 2023. It will be a week full of fun activities and exciting events. As mentioned, the HAN International Office will organize the International Welcome Day, as part of the HAN Intro. To prepare you for this day and the rest of the HAN Intro, you can go to the webpage via the upcoming link below to find useful info soon.

Some cool and fun stuff is waiting for you!

More info will follow soon.

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Contact International Office

The International Intro is organized by the International Office. See our contact details below.