Natural Sciences

Pipettes in a rack are typical tools used in the natural sciences laboratory

Want to improve plant species, discover the origin of diseases or find ways to clean up contaminated soil? Study natural sciences and get the know-how to approach these challenges.

What are natural sciences?

Natural sciences are those forms of science that investigate the physical and natural world. Examples are physics, chemistry, geology and biology.

FAQs about Natural Sciences

Sound like you?


• curious • go-getter • eager to learn • social • accurate • patient • hard worker • deliberate • disciplined

bio-informatica student aan het werk


• analyzing, making connections • understanding and solving problems • doing research • chemistry • biology

bio-informatica student docent aan het werk


• researching, experimenting • biology and microbiology • chemistry and biochemistry • nature, animals and plants • dna, genetics • analyzing and devising • delving into things

close up van petri schaaltje


• helping people through research • contributing to a more sustainable and healthy society • helping to track hereditary diseases and develop medicines • clear expectations and goals • precision • reliability

chemie zuurkast


• chemistry • biology • microbiology • helping people • research

biologie en medisch laboratoriumonderzoek student plantenpracticum laboratorium
Your profession

Do these jobs sound interesting?

  • Technical support engineer
  • Microbiological analyst
  • Polymer chemist
  • Laboratory analyst
  • And more...
A laboratory analyst is noting the results of an experiment

Bachelor programs

Life Sciences

A life sciences degree puts you on track for a meaningful career. Ever thought about working on projects to cure diseases? Or doing research to solve environmental problems? Or to solve world food shortages? Study Life Sciences at HAN and get a head start on one of these rewarding paths.

Studenten aan het werk in lab


Explore the fascinating world of analytical chemistry. You could be testing for pollutants in the environment. Analyzing what’s in the food we eat. Monitoring the quality of everyday products. Sound like you? Sign up for a rewarding science career and study Chemistry at HAN.

meisje en jongen overleggen in het laboratorium
Master in Molecular Life Sciences

Further studies?

With a bachelor degree in natural sciences you can start working right away. Want to continue your studies? So you can get your skills to a higher level? Then a master degree is a great option. HAN offers the Master in Molecular Life Sciences in both full-time and part-time.

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Natural Sciences

Exchange programs

Are you a student of one of our partner universities? Then you can study abroad with us for 1 semester. HAN offers a range of exchange programs in the field of Natural Sciences. Check out the programs on offer!

Exchange students are sitting in a classroom

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