Public Transport

The Netherlands has excellent public transport. In the Nijmegen and Arnhem area you can get almost everywhere by train or bus. In the bigger cities, you can also use the tram or metro. To pay for these services you use an OV chip card (OV-chipkaart in Dutch).

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Schedules, prices and routes

Public transport in the Netherlands is not cheap. For schedules, prices and routes go to  (train, bus, metro) and   (train). 

OV chip card

The OV chip card allows you to travel by train, bus, tram, metro or ferry anywhere in the country. The card is the size of a bank card and contains an invisible chip.  

How do you use the card? Just touch your card on the card reader when you enter the station. Touch out again when you arrive at your final destination.  

How do you pay? The card uses the pre-paid principle. You load credit on your card at a vending machine or at a ticket office. You can also arrange automatic loading. That way when your credit runs low, it automatically tops up using funds from your bank account. 

For information about the OV chip card, click here

Flexible season tickets

For train travel, you can purchase a season ticket to suit your needs. For example, to get a discount only on weekends. Or to get a discount on weekends and at off-peak times. 

You can’t cancel these tickets in the 1st year. See the website of the Dutch railways (NS) for further details. Or visit a ticket office at your nearest train station. 


Looking forward to riding a bike during your time in the Netherlands? Biking is at the core of Dutch culture. Bikes outnumber people in the Netherlands. The Dutch use their bike to go around just anywhere. From work to home. To get groceries. Or when they go out for dinner.

For information about cycling, click here

Public transport & cycling

Directions to the campus

Want to know how to get to the campus by public transport or bike? Check our Directions page for bus, train and cycling routes for the campuses in Arnhem and Nijmegen.

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