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Planning on studying at HAN University of Applied Sciences and looking for a cosy student room? Here you can find info about searching for student housing in the Arnhem and Nijmegen area.

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Start your search early! 

Housing shortage

Finding student housing in Arnhem or Nijmegen is difficult. That's because there’s currently a housing shortage in the Netherlands. So, start searching for a room early. We recommend 6 months in advance. Are you starting in September and still haven't found a room by June/July? Then you should consider your other options.

Please note: Are you paying the financial guarantee including accommodation? You'll get a room through HAN Housing in your 1st year or semester of study. Exchange student? You'll also get a room through HAN Housing. Go to the HAN Housing site for more info.

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How to get noticed! 

Tips and tricks

The market for student housing is very competitive. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find and secure your student accommodation.

  • Let as many people know that you are looking for a room: friends, classmates, neighbors etc. The best way to find a place is through people you already know.
  • Place your own advertisement on different Facebook pages. Be creative in your ad, just saying you're looking for a room is usually not enough. And be aware of scammers!
  • Are you applying for a viewing ("kijkavond") of a room in a Dutch student house? Get a friend to help you write the text in Dutch - you'll have a better chance of getting invited. And be creative in what you say so you stand out!
  • Have you been invited to view a room at a Dutch student house ("kijkavond")? Make sure you bring a small gift! A six-pack would be enough, for instance.
  • Seen an interesting place advertised through a real estate? Call straight away!
  • Want to apply for a place through a real estate? Get a friend to help you with a text in Dutch - you'll have a better chance of a positive response.
  • Consider joining up with 1 or 2 other students and searching for a place together.
  • Consider making a video of yourself when applying for a place / viewing.


Be aware of scamming on the housing market. This is especially an issue now because of the housing shortage. Use your common sense: if it's too good to be true, it usually is.

Find a room with a host family

Hospi Housing

Hospi Housing is a platform that brings together hosts and students. A host is a person, couple or family who has a spare room in their house. They rent out that room to a student. HAN University of Applied Sciences now cooperates with Hospi Housing.

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Cheap furniture, bed linen, kitchen utensils etc.

Please note that the rooms you find on housing sites are not always furnished. Need cheap furniture, bed linen, kitchen utensils etc? Check out the following shops, which have locations in the city centers:

Ikea stores are not located in the city centers, but you can order online and have products delivered:

Support for renters

Conflict with your landlord?

The municipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen have offices where you as a renter can go to for support and advice. Free of charge! For example, if you have a conflict with your landlord about the price of the rent or about maintenance. The Huurdersbalie Arnhem website is only in Dutch, but you can find their phone and email address and make an appointment.

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How did Dusty find student housing?


Contact us at the HAN Housing Office.
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