Choosing what and where to study is a big decision. At HAN University of Applied Sciences we want to help you make the right choice. We do that through our Matching process. Matching is for students applying for a bachelor program.

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What is Matching?

Matching is a process to make sure the bachelor program you have chosen is a good "match" for you.

How does it work?

Apply for the program on Studielink. Then send in the required documents via the HAN My Application portal. After your documents have been assessed and you meet all the requirements, we contact you by email about Matching.

Matching for February 2024 starters

First you complete a questionnaire. It has 2 parts: general questions and program-specific questions. Then you attend an online interview. During the interview you discuss your fit with the program and check whether you have the right expectations about it. After the interview you receive an email with your Matching advice.

Matching for September 2024 starters

First, you fill in the self-reflection form. Then you can participate in one or more of our Matching activities. The Matching activities differ per program, like a matching interview or becoming a student for a day. Find out which Matching activities your program offers below.


Got a question? First check our FAQ. Can't find the answer to your question there? Contact us at ASK HAN. We're happy to help!

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