Research Center for Sustainable River Management

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Suddenly the streets are flooded. Shortly afterwards, agriculture suffers from drought. Climate change poses increasing challenges for civil engineering, spatial planning and water management.

Rivers are of great ecological value. We conduct practice-oriented research to keep the river area safe and attractive for everyone.


Our research group focuses on how the river area can remain safe and attractive at the same time. For people, companies and nature. Both in the short term and in the distant future. We mainly look at:

  • 'nature based' approaches
  • adaptive delta management
  • asset management
  • multi-layer safety

The research center

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Sustainable River Management


  • Applied Research

    How can you create sustainable value for the stakeholders of your organization based on insight into your (potential) value? Our research group is conducting research to find an answer to this question

  • Staff & Output

    The results of our projects flow back into education. We involve students from different study programs in our research.



Despite the diverse character of the North Sea Region (NSR), asset managers of flood protection infrastructure face common challenges. This includes threats related to climate and socio-economic changes, along with the ageing of existing flood protection assets.

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Save the tiger! Save the grasslands, Save the water!

Project ‘Save the Tiger!’ focuses on water and grassland management to save the tiger, the largest and most endangered among large cats with only c. 4000 individuals left in the wild of Asia.

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Living Lab Plastic Free Mekong

Plastic waste is a global problem. There are many initiatives around the world for the removal of plastics from the environment. However, what happens to the plastic when it is removed from the environment?

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Besides international projects, we also have Dutch projects.

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Jeroen Rijke

Rivers are vital for nature, economy and culture. Jeroen Rijke is a civil engineer and public administrator. He focuses on connecting different disciplines for sustainable river management.

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Our team

Jeroen Rijke

246918 Lector Jeroen Rijke van het lectoraat Sustainable River Management.

Frank den Heijer

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Maria Barciela Rial

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Maarten Podt

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Built Environment

In the School of Built Environment, more than 1,200 students follow a full-time or part-time course in construction and infrastructure. We provide minors, courses and (customized) training, and we conduct groundbreaking practice-oriented research.

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