Short course — Molecular & Cell Biology

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Update your knowledge in the rapidly developing field of molecular life sciences. In this post-graduate course, you explore topics like gene modification by CRISPR-Cas, new constructs for heterologous gene expression and cell-specific delivery mechanisms inspired by virus-like particles

Why should I follow this course?

Study in your own pace

You work independently at your own pace but receive online guidance from an experienced teacher at set times.

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Full English course

The Molecular & Cell Biology course is taught entirely in English

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Online study materials

You will have access to an online learning environment where all the teaching material (such as youtube videos, powerpoints, knowledge clips, etc.) is ready for you. A clear study guide provides guidance on what will be discussed at what time and which assignments need to be made

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In brief

    8hoursof self-study per week
    950 eurocosts
    Englishmain language

For whom?

  • Relevant for anyone interested in molecular life sciences, genetics, the basics of bio-informatics
  • Technicians or research scientists (in life sciences, chemistry or related fields) who want to gain more in-depth knowledge of life sciences
  • This course is a perfect foundation for the Master in Molecular Life Sciences (link)
  • At least vocational (MBO+) level of education required
  • Able to follow education at higher professional (HBO) level

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Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 17:00

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