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The online Molecular & Cell Biology course consists of 5 main subjects and is divided into four blocks of several weeks each:

  • Molecular Biology: DNA replication, gene transcription and translation, regulation of gene expression
  • Molecular Techniques: recombinant DNA technology, DNA sequencing, cloning & vectors, RNA interference, CRISPR-Cas
  • Cell Biology: the cell membrane and membrane transport, intracellular transport of proteins, cell signaling, the cytoskeleton and the cell cycle
  • Bio-informatics: cloning workshop, protein & pathway databases, gene ontology, homology & multiple sequence alignments
  • Biochemistry: protein (structure), protein purification, analysis of enzymes & enzyme kinetics
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... you’ll have knowledge and understanding of the basic principles in molecular and cell biology. You’ll also be able to apply these principles to answer basic research questions.

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