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The program starts 1 September 2024 and 1 September 2025

With HAN’s part-time Engineering Systems master degree, you choose 1 of 3 tracks: Automotive Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems or Sustainable Energy. Complete your master study and take your engineering skills to the next level.

NVAO Accredited programme

Why study Engineering Systems at HAN?

Ready for the future

You collaborate with various HAN research groups on research and innovation on the interface between energy and mobility.

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Career opportunities

Utilities, engineering firms, process and manufacturing industry, automotive sector, energy providers, research institutes, R&D departments; you’re in demand everywhere.

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Learn from the best

Companies like KEMA, TENNET, Alliander, Shell, IPCOS and OMRON support you through guest lecturers and projects.

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Small-scale education

Because your chosen master track takes place in a small group, you get all the attention and support you need.


Choice of 3 specializations

Choose 1 of the 3 master tracks and become a true specialist in your chosen field.

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Who is this master for?

This part-time master program is for:

  • EU/EEA, Swiss or Surinamese citizens
  • Expats with a valid Dutch residence permit
  • Refugees with a valid Dutch residence permit

Don’t fit into one of these categories? Unfortunately, you can’t apply for the part-time program. But you can apply for the full-time program.

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Tracks within the master engineering systems

Choose from the following tracks:

  • Automotive Systems engineering

    Our views on mobility are changing. Hybrid and fully electrical vehicles are now a common sight. The technology that powers them is developing faster than ever, as are new technologies like hydrogen power. Keen to be part of these developments? This track is for you!  

  • Cyber-Physical Systems

    Intelligent systems or cyber-physical systems (CPS) are part of everyday life. Are you eager to take your engineering expertise to the next level and make high-tech products of the future? Apply for this cutting-edge master program!

  • Sustainable Energy

    Sustainable and renewable energy systems are crucial to the energy transition. Engineers are needed to develop and fine-tune these systems. Want to master up your engineering skills and specialize in this rewarding new field? Sign up for the Sustainable Energy master track at HAN! 

Highly sought-after engineer

Your new-found skills

The part-time master program in Engineering Systems enables you to apply the right research to solve complex problems. You develop innovations that meet the needs of the market, and you gain an international orientation. Your new-found skills in managing projects and conducting applied research make you a highly sought-after engineer.


You gain these skills and more upon completing the program:

  • Project management
  • Applied research
  • Operating in an international work environment
Why invest in a master?

Info for employers

Master students gain experience in professional practice, which they bring to the program in the form of actual case studies. This way, HAN’s master program curriculums reflect what’s happening in the professional field. Learn more about the benefits of this program for employers.

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The program

What do you learn?

The part-time Master in Engineering Systems takes 3 years to finish. Your 1st year is spent on 2 compulsory modules for the fundamentals of modeling and control systems. Your 2nd year has you following 2 modules related to your chosen track. In your last year, you put your knowledge to the test in your graduation project.  

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A good balance

Combining study with work and private life takes some getting used to. But organize it properly and it's easier than you think. You get so much more in return!

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Choose how you want to study

Part-time or full-time

Like to take on a full-time Master in Engineering Systems study? In that case, the program will take you 1.5 years to complete. Wondering whether full-time or part-time is best for you? Let’s discuss it further in an online meeting – no strings attached.

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The Dutch way of learning

The atmosphere in a Dutch classroom is quite informal and your lecturers are easy to talk to. In fact, at Dutch universities like HAN, you’re seen as a partner in the learning process. Class sizes are small and your lecturers encourage you to actively participate in class. To ask questions. To give your own opinion. They also stimulate you to be creative. And to discover things for yourself.

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#Ask a student

In these videos students answer questions about the Master in Engineering Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

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