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Admission and Finances

These are the admission requirements and application procedure for the HAN part-time master track in Sustainable Energy. This is also where you can find info about tuition fees.

Admission criteria

Below are the admissions criteria for the part-time master track in Sustainable Energy.

A good match?

Want to discover whether the Sustainable Energy master track is something for you? Meet 1:1 with a staff member online. The purpose is to discuss your previous education and experience and see if you’re a match for this master program.

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Apply in 7 steps

Are you ready to apply for the Master in Engineering Systems? Here we guide you through the 7 steps of the application process.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees depend on your nationality and whether you already earned a master degree in the Netherlands.

Tuition fees for Engineering Systems (all tracks)


Student from EU/EEA or Suriname

€ 2,530                

EU/EEA student with master degree from Dutch institution

€ 10,270               

Non-EU/EEA student

€ 10,270               

Professional or academic

Benefits of a professional master

As a university of applied sciences, HAN offers professional master degrees. The content is tied closely to practice. And you can take what you learn and apply it at your workplace. That benefits you and your employer! What’s the difference between our master and a university master? Read on.

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Practical information

Here’s everything you need to know about campus facilities, regulations, student services, books and more.

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