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for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof. Smal.

On this final day of the International Week there are several workshops, webinars and presentations: e.g. sustainable cities and communities, smart grids, nature-intensive area development. Continue working on the railroad underpass. We close the day and the International Week 2022 with music and drinks at a Centurian Party. 

CST 2:00 am | EST 3:00 am | CET 9:00 am | JST 4:00 pm (duration 1.5 hr)

The Smart Grids Concept

Webinar with Ballard Asare 

Solar energy. Wind energy. Examples of sustainably generated energy. This renewable energy is generated in increasing quantities. The share of households that generate their own energy is increasing. But what does this mean for the existing network? What problems do you run into and how can you solve them smartly? Ballard Asare-Bediako explains this in his webinar "The Smart Grids Concept".

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bij simulatiepaneel Lucas Nulle
CST 2:00 am | EST 3:00 am | CET 9:00 am | JST 4:00 pm (duration 1 hr)

Dealing with diversity

Online round table meeting with Saskia Kreutzer (Staff only)

We want our students and colleagues to be seen, heard and known, everyone to be treated equally, having equal opportunities to develop themselves as professionals. Unfortunately, this is not the case yet. To improve our practice, we require open attitudes, in which we need to recognize our own dominant ideas and become aware of blind spots, even when it becomes difficult and 'ongezellig' (unsociable in Dutch).

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Lachende studenten gele trappenhuis
CST 3:00 am | EST 4:00 am | CET 10:00 am | JST 5:00 pm (duration 2 hrs)

Sustainable Cities and communities

Presentations with students of Turku University, Finland 

Energy and environment - Trends in Finland and a comparison with The Netherlands 

In this lecture from Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) the central theme will be Energy and Environment. The central focus will be the energy transition and renewable energy. Both teachers and students will introduce current trends in Finland. Also the Netherlands and Finland will be compared.

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Munster university of applied sciences
CST 4:00 am | EST 5:00 am | CET 11:00 am | JST 6:00 pm (duration 1 hr)

Going international from within

Meeting with Bram Hendrawan and Marjon Elshof (Staff only)

How can (international) students be a knowledge agent to integrate global dimensions in the curriculum content? This is the main question of the Comenius Project (2019-2021) Going International From Within (GOIN) at International School of Business (ISB), HAN University of Applied Science in Arnhem. GOIN proposes a curriculum design that allows the integration of a global perspective in the curriculum content by leveraging students’ knowledge and networks.  

In this session, Bram Hendrawan and Marjon Elshof will share some findings of the project, among others, some teaching activities that can be easily integrated in the curriculum and some interventions at an institutional level in order to facilitate the integration of global dimensions in the curriculum.  

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Detailfoto vlaggetjes verschillende landen
CST 5:00 am | EST 6:00 am | CET 12:00 pm | JST 7:00 pm (duration 1 hr)

Make it in the Netherlands

Webinar with Nuffic Career Ambassador Alejandro Rodriguez

Do you want to know more about living in the Netherlands after your graduation? Do you want to know more about the process of finding a job in the Netherlands? Then join this session with the Nuffic career ambassador Alejandro Rodriguez. 

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spijkerkwartier in arnhem en wijkgerichte energietransitie
CST 5:15 am | EST 6:15 am | CET 12:15 pm | JST 7:15 pm (duration 1.5 hr)

Nature-inclusive area development and health

Webinar with Milou van Muijden 

'Creating a healthy living environment'. This lecture will focus on how to create a healthy living environment where people move around by bike or foot. First of all the concept ‘health' will be explained. Secondly the connection between ‘health' and ‘nature' will show you how to create a healthy living environment. See more.

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Luchtfoto van gebouwde omgeving voor de flyer met informatie over de cursussen binnen het CMW focusthema 'Duurzame gebiedsontwikkeling in de gebouwde omgeving'.
CST 9:15 am | EST 10:15 am | CET 4:15 pm | JST 11:15 pm (duration 2.15 hrs)

Railroad Underpass, Part 2

Workshop and presentations with Marwin Jurjus

Present your ultimate project management plan together with international students. Did your group find a working method for installing a complete railroad underpass within 52 hours and make the trains run on time again? The floor is yours!

This workshop consists of two parts. This is part two (follow-up to Tuesday session).

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Civiele Techniek trein onderdoorgang viaduct underpass
CST 1:00 pm | EST 2:00 pm | CET 8:00 pm | JST 3:00 am (duration 2 hrs)

Game Night

Students activity - Social Event

Not so long ago playing games was boring, but nowadays it is totally hot. Join this Game Night and play (board) games with other students and maybe also teachers via an online game server.

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