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Yes, we can! is not only the slogan of former US President Barack Obama, but also of our weatherman Reinier van den Berg! Visit the webinar "Yes, we can" by our keynote speaker of this week and let it be an eye-opener! Learn more about our Dutch culture and learn a few words. And later this day work together on the perfect plan for a railroad underpass during a workshop. There is also time for relaxation while playing online games during a game night.


Sushi time

Students activity - Social Event

Say Japan ... say sushi! We all know sushi, but when do you get the chance to learn how to make it from a real chef in a professional kitchen? Grab your chance and join our study association Trifonius!

This event is canceled.

kitchen eten bereiden koken, FEM Food & Business
CST 6:45 am | EST 7:45 am | CET 1:45 pm | JST 8:45 pm (duration 1.5 hr)

Yes we can!

Webinar with Reinier van den Berg

For Reinier weather was his first passion. As a kid he already knew he would become a weather presenter. He was closely involved in the founding of Meteo Consult and has been a weather presenter at RTL4 since 1989. Reinier is also involved in the start-up of PyrOil, which will recycle plastic waste in an innovative and profitable way.

The more knowledge he gained about weather and climate, the deeper he got into the world of sustainability. After all, climate and sustainability are closely linked. Every week he is on a stage somewhere. He inspires in the field of sustainability and discusses the problem of climate and pollution. Is it really that bad? Yes, (climate)scientific it is already 5 past 12! The question is: can we turn back the clock? And how? What are the opportunities and challenges? What is the power of 'being too green with the other'. The final conclusion is clear: Yes we can!

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Reinier van den Berg International Week Built Environment 2022
CST 8:30 am | EST 9:30 am | CET 3:30 pm | JST 10:30 pm (duration 1 hr 15 min.)

Hoe gaat het? Say what?

Social Dutch Training with HAN Academy

Want to learn more about the Dutch culture and learn how to speak Dutch? We omit the grammar but isn't it nice to join conversations and maybe even answer in Dutch? This course is for absolute beginners. You learn some basic Dutch in only 1.5 hours. Fill out the online registration and join!

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studenten in Kronenburgpark in Nijmegen
CST 9:15 am | EST 10:15 am | CET 4:15 pm | JST 11.15 pm (duration 2.15 hr)

Railroad Underpass, Part 1

Workshop with Marwin Jurjus

Work together with international students to create the ultimate project management plan. Can you and your group find a working method and a schedule to build a railroad underpass within 52 hours? Are you up to the challenge?

This workshop is divided into two parts. This is part one. Part two is on Thursday, same time.

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See 'Materials'

Civiele Techniek trein onderdoorgang viaduct underpass met bus
CST 11:00 am | EST 12:00 pm | CET 6:00 pm | JST 1:00 am (duration 1.5 hr.)

BE-Global Café

Social event with Annika Treiber

Come to our BE Global Café and meet other students and teachers. It is the place to network, relax and exchange tips about internships, exchange programs or living and working abroad. Annika is 'behind the bar' and are happy to provide you with information and drinks. Cheers!

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Live event at 'De Hangar'

Bar International week
CST 1:00 pm | EST 2:00 pm | CET 8:00 pm | JST 3:00 am (duration 2 hrs)

Centurion Party

Students activity - Social Event

Party Time! Centurion is a party game with loads of music and drinks. Study association Trifonius takes care of good music and every minute it is interrupted by a horn or other sound. The rules are simple: dance and drink. When the horn sounds, all players take a sip. Whoever is still dancing and drinking after 100 minutes can call himself Centurion. Log in, share your screen (alone or with a group), dance your heart out and have a great time!

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