International Week Built Environment

From 19 to 21 April 2022 it's International Week! We and our partners provide workshops and lectures on topics related to the built environment. And there are social events. At the time of organizing the International Week we were still dealing with corona measures, that's why this version is still online.

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APRIL 19 TO 21, 2022


Dear all,
I would like to welcome you to our fourth International Week. Last year we were unable to organize a physical International Week due to the global pandemic, and unfortunately this year is no different. We will welcome students and colleagues online from around the globe, including the US, Japan, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Germany and, of course, the Netherlands. Although the different time zones create challenges, we hope we’ve developed an interesting program for all of you. Our school and our programs endorse the UN’s sustainable development goals, so the program for International Week includes many topics related to sustainability.

I wish you all a very interesting week with a lot of new knowledge, new contacts and, above all, a lot of fun!

Frank Spuij,
Dean, School of Built Environment

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With many different activities there is a lot to discover this week. Students from all over the world meet, learn, work and have fun together!


View the complete program of the International Week 2022. Choose which activities you want to participate in and put them in your agenda. Important: Don't forget to sign up if so instructed.

We have put together a nice program again. See below the complete program and the same program, but then divided into Architecture and Civil Engineering.

First, check your time zone to see what time zone you are in.

Below you can easily jump to the daily programs. You can also register on these pages.

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Program Overview

Tuesday, April 19

Today there is a webinar about marinas and later in the day you can design your own. Learn all about studying in Japan. Follow presentations about different forms of living. Or develop a restoration strategy for a river in Indonesia. But there's more.

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Wednesday, April 20

Reinier van den Berg will discuss the problem of climate and pollution in a webinar. Learn more about our Dutch culture or follow a presentation about tiny houses later this day. Create the perfect plan for a railroad underpass during a workshop. There is also time for fun and music during a Centurion party. View the entire program.

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Thursday, April 21

There are several workshops and webinars today: e.g. sustainable cities and communities, smart grids, nature-intensive area development. Or continue working on the railroad underpass. We close the day and the International Week 2022 with a Game Night. Join us!

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What else?

Study and living

All you need to know about studying at HAN. Discover what it means to live and study in the Netherlands. Get the ins and outs of student housing, tuition fees and scholarships. Find out about admission requirements, visas and deadlines. And much more.

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School of Built Environment

Do you have questions about following an exchange course, internship opportunities in the Netherlands or do you have another question? Do not hesitate and send an e-mail to Team Internationalization. You'll hear from us soon!

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Make pics!

Make pictures during the webinars, presentations, workshops and the social events. We choose the best ones and place a collage of these on our website of the School of Built Environment.

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Exchange Courses and Internships

HAN University of Applied Sciences offers loads of professional programs in a wide range of fields. Students can choose from 63 bachelor programs, 19 master programs and numerous exchange programs. All of which combine a solid theoretical basis with practical application in the field. So they’re well positioned to enter the job market as soon as they graduate. HAN offers 5 English-taught bachelor programs and 2 English-taught master programs within the field of Engineering & Life Sciences. We have around 1,000 students from 30 different countries. And our main objective is to enhance employability and internationalization.

From a built environment perspective, we recommend one of the exchange programs below. 

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Centre for creativity. Jonge mensen met kleurstof.