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Student support

Confidential counsellor Ton helps people with his life experience: 'Seek help'

Ton Ammerlaan is a confidential advisor for HAN academies - including ATBC -, who helps people deal with undersirable and transgressive behaviour. Using his interesting career background and enormous commitment, Ton knows exactly what he can do in that role. "It's rewarding to help someone regain control instead of feeling like a victim.”

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eb8068f4-5974-11ee-9f70-024215b4a989 Ton Ammerlaan is vertrouwenspersoon voor ATBC
HAN BioCentre

HAN BioCentre embraces Vartion's Firenze

Vartion and Centre of Expertise HAN BioCentre have signed a contract for the use of Vartion’s Firenze for research and educational purposes. Firenze is a rapid AI prototyping platform that offers the perfect environment to test data quality and suitability for AI applications.

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6e878926-0cef-11ee-b498-02565807075b biocentre data-science7. Martijn van der Pol, Philip de Groot
HAN BioCentre

Nargis Khoso contributes to a sustainable future by using methane emission to create plastics

Pakistani student Nargis Khoso is a perfect example of the opportunities that the Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences offers. She’s currently graduating on an interesting project at HAN BioCentre on a topic that is not as current as nitrogen, but probably as harmful: methane.

Pim Muller
0192aece-0d01-11ee-9f05-02565807075b Life Sciencesstudent Nargis Khoso werkt voor HAN BioCentre aan een project waarbij methaangas wordt verwerkt in milieuvriendelijk plastic
Charles River

Jelena Ciric sees her department as a playground for chemists

For organizations in need of safety assessment for almost any kind of product, Charles River can provide it. Head of Chemistry Jelena Ciric likes to see her department as a large playground for chemists, in which they solve complex puzzles. And not unimportantly, it’s a great place for students to launch their career. “Here they can see everything they were taught in action.”

Pim Muller
00543920-0d00-11ee-8260-02565807075b Jelena Ciric werkt bij ATBC-partner Charles River
Denys Kozakov

Denys continues his work in Kiev: 'Cancer doesn’t care if there’s war.'

A special interview with Ukranian ATBC-alumnus Denys Kozakov. On how the Master Molecular Life Sciences perfectly prepared him for the start of his career, but nothing could’ve prepared him for what happened just one year after he returned to Kiev. “I couldn’t believe it at first.”

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9f59736a-0cff-11ee-bde6-02565807075b Denys Kozakov heeft de master molecular life sciences gevolgd en is nu terug in Oekraine
School Council

Wendy and Liudmyla's world ranges from CO2-meters to degree statutes

Interested in what the School Council does over the year? Members Myla Zhukovska and Wendy Broeders are happy to tell you about the projects and problems that the School Council concerns itself with. “Well, basically everything that’s going on here.”

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8e7741a8-0cff-11ee-bf3f-02565807075b Drie leden van de Academieraad van de Academie Toegepaste Biowetenschappen en Chemie, Carien Booijink, Liudmyla Zhukovska en Sonja Lezaja
NGI project GNU Taler

A payment system that ensures privacy

Making anonymous digital payments? Current payment systems don’t allow this yet. But GNU Taler does. HAN’s research center Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering is testing this payment system for accessibility.

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515296 Man betaalt bij de snackautomaat met de GNU-taler app op zijn telefoon
Lasting friendship

Hi partner! Want to work together?

Welcome to HAN International Social Work. On this page you find a lot of relevant information for you as future partner. Our aim is to create sustainable partnerships that consist of student and staff mobility, mutual learning and research. Meet Sjors Jansen and Sanne van den Heuvel, your contacts.

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f846e2b0-0cfe-11ee-baaf-02565807075b International Social Work. Klas college groep studenten en docent. digiboard op de achtergrond
Sustainabilty contest

Dutch and Finnish students compete together in Biobased Battle 2023

Over 100 students of 11 universities of applied sciences in Finland and the Netherlands participated in the Biobased Battle 2023 from March 27th until March 30th. 'I know more now about working with people from different cultures', according to one of the participants.

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252742 Plastic afval. Bouwkunde maakt er woningen van. Robert en Maud studeerden erop af.
An impressive accomplishment

International Business at HAN is FIBAA accredited

This impressive accomplishment has a far-reaching impact at the International School of Business (ISB). On the students, lecturers, students, alumni and management of the International Business (IB) program.

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516bfa4a-0ced-11ee-912c-02565807075b Campagnebeeld international studenten Tonian en Anser blauwe achtergrond