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HAN University moves in with Connectr with a clear vision for the future

HAN University of Applied Sciences moved into Connectr Energy Innovation on 1 February 2024, where they will work together on energy transition. With what vision?

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Connectr Innovatielab wordt gebouwd, het startsein is gegeven (NH)

Exchange coordinator Kelly enjoys being part of students’ journeys: ‘They gain so much self-confidence’

If you are planning to go abroad, the HAN has exchange coordinators to help you on your way. Like Kelly Vellinga-Chan at the School of Applied Biosciences and Chemistry. From both professional and personal experience, Kelly knows how much you can learn from an experience abroad.

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Kelly Vellinga-Chan is minorcoördinator en houdt zich bezig met studeren in het buitenland voor ATBC-studenten

Coordinator Lily Gustini of the science talent program: 'I'm always amazed by what students come up with'

If you are a student starting your 2nd year in September 2024 and you are interested in the field of analytical chemistry, then the Analytical Science Talent Program might be just the thing for you. Coordinator Liliana Gustini and education director Peter Schoenmakers look forward to welcoming another group of motivated students.

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Exchange student

Dávid dreams of curing his own disease: ‘I’ve experienced what medicine can do’

Dávid Duda is currently in Nijmegen for his exchange semester, as the first student of one of HAN’s most recent partner institutes: the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. Dávid’s semester in Nijmegen marks another step in the pursuit of his dreams of becoming a scientist, and aiding towards the treatment of incurable diseases. Like the one he was diagnosed with himself.

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ATBC-uitwisselingsstudent David Duda
Internship abroad

Quality cappuccino’s, lots of tiramisu and the support of a departed friend: Elske’s experience in Milan will forever be a special memory

Life Sciences student Elske Christiaanse found an ideal internship at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan. But the initial excitement about her adventure in the fashion capital of the world suddenly took a turn, when she received terrible news.

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Life Sciences-student Elske Christiaanse loopt stage in Milaan
Accreditation for 5 years

Prestigious EFMD Accreditation for HAN International School of Business

HAN's bachelor program in International Business program has been granted EFMD accreditation for 5 years, joining a prestigious community of globally recognized business education institutions. This accreditation underscores our commitment of providing excellent education in international business.

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Analytical Science Talent Program

‘If you’re interested in analytical sciences and socializing, ASTP is the program for you’

Milena Melnyk fell in love with the Dutch clouds ánd with the Analytical Science Talent Program (ASTP). “I always look forward to the ASTP-Saturdays.”

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Chemistrystudent Milena Melnyk volgt het ASTP-programma
A great example of an Innovative Learning Environment

Unknown, Makes Unloved so 'Raising Global Citizens at Home'

Can we at HAN educate agile global citizens while reducing our footprint and increasing equity? Can we ensure we are not excluding people because we have certain prejudices? Yes, we can!

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studenten buiten bij R31
Exchange student

Daiana Horbach visited from Bonn: 'It's fun to see how people in other countries study'

Daiana Horbach is 1 of 25 students from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences participating in the exchange program with ATBC. The Ukrainian recently learned all kinds of things during her two days in Nijmegen.

Pim Muller
Daiana Horbach studeert in Bonn en is in Nijmegen voor een uitwisseling met ATBC-studenten
International students

At WIS Club students help each other through games & karaoke

As an international student it can be tough to find your way in a completely new environment. Especially in the first year. But don’t worry, because our school hosts many internationals who are going through the same, or who already experienced it and are happy to help. They get together every month in the new Wellbeing in Science club (WIS).

Pim Muller
Voorzitter van de WIS Club van ATBC Liudmyla Zhukovska