School of Engineering and Automotive

At the School of Engineering and Automotive we offer education in the fields of sustainable energy, energy transition, Lean, sustainable mobility and autonomous transportation. And we conduct research on current social issues.

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Introducing HAN School of Engineering and Automotive


Home base for bachelor, master and associate degree programs 

The School of Engineering and Automotive is home to numerous bachelor, associate and master degree programs. A number of programs are taught in English and some are offered in both part-time and full-time.

Dutch taught

  • Bachelor in Automotive Engineering
  • Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor in Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering 
  • Bachelor in Industrial Engineering & Management 
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering 
  • Associate degree in Automotive
  • Associate degree in Embedded Systems Engineering 
  • Associate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Energy Technology
  • Associate degree in Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Associate degree in Mechanical Engineering

Exchange programs

Advanced Mobility Implementing high-tech mobility solutions

Always wanted to create the car of the future? The thought of combining a car with full or partial self-driving capabilities warm your heart? Then this program is just what you’re looking for! You gain an industry edge and prepare to work with businesses like Google, Apple and Tesla.

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Automotive Research Semester

Like to gain experience in vehicle technology, management, structural design… The list goes on! This is your chance to learn from the experts. On the actual work floor. You work in a group to produce a final innovation project. And report your project at the end of the semester at a group symposium!

automotive hydromotive

Automotive Specialization Semester

Want to be specialized in structural design and vehicle technology? Powertrains and business management? Or maybe Automotive manufacturing and vehicle electronics and control? This is your chance to go after it! Choose a combo of any 2 specializations and learn from some of the best in the business.

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Co-Create Urban Transition

Transforming a rural society into an urban landscape. Amazing! But highly challenging. You tackle themes like quality of life and aging. And learn how to conduct interdisciplinary and real-life research. To manage social, technical and economic issues. And how to co-create.

jongen en meisje lachend naar elkaar

Electronics: Design, signals and systems

Imagine engineering an entire electronics system. Signals and all. And then building a working prototype. Exactly what you do during this program! Collaborate with a group of classmates. Either in your class or from another degree program. Take what you learn. And show us what you’ve got!

elektrotechniek elektro lab

Embedded: Embedded Systems Design

Ever see a systems design and think “I could do that”? Well, this is where you get your start. You learn the basics of systems design and embedding. How to design and develop software applications. And improve your C++ skills. You learn all this and more!


Embedded Vision Design

Learn to develop an entire technical system, focused on image data. Or a set of vision operators for application in embedded systems. Here, you learn to translate customer ideas into technical specs. Present and demonstrate your own developed products with confidence. And more.

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Industrial and Power Systems

Like to be in charge of an industrial or power system? This program helps you get there. You learn to rotate magnetic field machines. The ins and outs of power converters, choppers and inverters. Symmetrical short-circuit currents. And Conductor cross-sections that comply with NEN1010.

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Internal Combustion Engines

Always wanted to work on internal combustion engines? Learn how to use your skills to work on cars, trucks or busses. To apply your knowledge to forklift trucks or agricultural tractors. And learn about the factors that play a role in internal combustion engine optimization and design.

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Lightweight Structural Vehicle Design

Taking an idea for a lightweight vehicle and bringing it into reality. Very cool! You learn about the practice of modern vehicle design based on solid theory. You also get your hands dirty with practical work. Learn to use the latest software tools and composites. And go on regular site visits.

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Take an engine. Design a transmission and drive shaft. Top it off with differentials and the final drive. Your calculations are right. Your powertrain is complete! During this exchange program, you enhance your skill set. Deepen your knowledge of construction principles. Analyze load processes…

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Semiconductor Packaging

Want to learn from professionals in the semiconductor industry? Work with experts on your practical assignment and take your learning from classroom to work floor?

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Mobile Robotics

Looking to step up your AGV skills? Want to take your study of robotics further? Go beyond autonomous cars? This exchange program gets you there.

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Home base for practice-based research 

We work together with the degree programs to tackle social issues. We do so through groundbreaking practice-based research in 3 innovative research centers and 2 Centers of Expertise.

Research centers

Centers of Expertise


Internship opportunities for international students

Are you enrolled at one of our partner universities? Then the School of Engineering and Automotive can help you find an internship. Our school has connections with a range of established Dutch companies. Many are recognised in the Netherlands. We'll look at your previous education and interest and help you find a suitable internship.

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School of Engineering and Automotive 

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