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The program starts 1 September 2023

Transforming a rural society into an urban landscape. Amazing! But highly challenging. You tackle themes like quality of life and aging. And learn how to conduct interdisciplinary and real-life research. To manage social, technical and economic issues. And how to co-create.

Why Co-Create Urban Transition?

On-site training

Roll up your sleeves! You go on site to learn from real-life situations. Both through observation and actual participation.

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Learn from the pros

Internationally recognized professionals lead the way. You learn to manage social, technical and economic issues. In an integrated way.

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Work placement within an organization

Learn from working on real-life projects. Quality of life. Declining participation. Aging. Independent living. You gain an entirely new perspective.

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Quick facts about Co-Create Urban Transition

    105contact hoursin total
    42study hoursaverage per week
    SeveralNationalitiesaverage each semester
    30ECTS creditsEuropean Credit Transfer System

ProgramHow you go on to make a difference

Co-Create Urban Transition teaches you to look at urban and rural planning in a whole new light. You learn how to carry out research. Discover new ways to help guide a changing society. And manage and integrate those changes with empathy and understanding.

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Why study in Holland?

Holland has a large population of international students so you won’t feel alone. In fact, 1 in 10 students is an international student. At Arnhem Business School it’s even 1 in 2 students. Why do so many international students come here? Because Holland has excellent, affordable higher education. It also has a thriving economy (18th in the world) so there are plenty of job opportunities. What’s more, the Dutch are open-minded and almost everyone speaks English.

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Discover the city of Nijmegen

The lovely university town of Nijmegen has a great atmosphere. Just wander through its beautiful old streets and you feel its rich history. Looking for a charming pub or restaurant, a bit of culture or a great night out? Nijmegen has all this and more. Keen on sport or nature? Nijmegen has loads of sports clubs and is surrounded by beautiful forests full of hiking and bicycle trails.

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