International Business at HAN is FIBAA accredited

This impressive accomplishment has a far-reaching impact at the International School of Business (ISB). On the students, lecturers, students, alumni and management of the International Business (IB) program.

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What is FIBAA?

FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) is a German accreditation body. It assesses university programs on internationality, employability, practical economic relevance, service orientation and areas of improvement.

FIBAA is one of few accreditations that can assess the high bar set for internationality. For the International Business (IB) program at the International School of Business (ISB), the FIBAA is particularly relevant.

So, how did we do?

According to the 2023 FIBAA report, IB “exceeds the quality requirements” for international orientation of the program. The expertise of our diverse lecturers got a shoutout too, with a superlative rating for practical business experience of lecturers. What’s more, FIBAA recognized ISB’s attention to student well-being, highlighting "support of students by lecturers" as outstanding.


The picture shows the throwing of the hat by ISB graduates.

High Hopes For ISB

The FIBAA accreditation is particularly great news for students and alumni of ISB, because an accreditation increases the value of a diploma from the IB program. This has a ripple effect. As Jannemieke Geessink from the FIBAA project team put it:“With a FIBAA accreditation, we increase the value of our degree for alumni and the attractiveness of our program for international students and partners.”

There is always more room for improvement. But, as reflected by the positive outcome of this process, IB and ISB are on track for a more positive and enriching future for staff and students alike.

As stated in the Self Evaluation Report, 

At ISB, we are global citizens. We aim to create a better future for our local community, global society and the environment. We are the place where business meets ethics, where empathy opens doors and critical thought prevails. ISB is where global citizens are molded and prepared to enter the business community with the competencies needed to create a better tomorrow.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

The FIBAA accreditation is the result of the hard work of the FIBAA project team. Over the course of 9 months, the team has compiled all the relevant information about the study program into the Self-Evaluation Report. In December 2022, the FIBAA review panel visited the campus for a tour to meet employees and sense the campus atmosphere. Now, in March 2023, the program is officially accredited. ISB’s FIBAA Project Team’s commitment since day 1 has made this accomplishment possible.

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