Rights and responsibilities

What are your rights as a student? And what does HAN expect of you? How do you go about exercising a right? Here you can find all the important info and documents. Like the HAN Student Charter and the HAN Code of Conduct.

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Rules and regulations About the Student Charter

The Student Charter describes what you, as a student, can expect of HAN and what HAN expects of you. It explains the rules about things like tuition fees, the quality of education, examinations, student facilities, personal data, acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and much more.

Do you wish to exercise a right, like an objection or appeal procedure? Only the Dutch version of the Student Charter is legally binding. Go to Dutch page for documents in Dutch.

Dutch code of conduct for international students

Apart from the code of conduct in the HAN Student Charter above, students also have to follow the nationwide Code of Conduct: International Students in Higher Education.

Degree Statute

Each degree program also has a Degree Statute (DS). You can find that on the Practical Info page of your degree program. Part of this Degree Statute is the Education and Examination Regulations (EER).


Each degree program has its own EER: the education and examination regulations. You should receive this when you begin your studies. It contains rules and practical info about your degree program.

Read the EER carefully before you start your program. That way you’ll know what to expect. The rules in the EER must follow the above-mentioned student rights.

The EER includes information about:

  • Rules concerning fraud and irregularities
  • Content of the degree program and related exams
  • Type of exams
  • Time frames in which grades must be announced
  • Rules concerning study coaching
  • Binding study advice
  • Expiry of credits
  • Exemptions
  • Objection and appeal procedures

Have any questions about your degree program? Have a look in the EER of your degree program first (on the Practical info page).

Enrollment regulations

The enrollment regulations outline the most important rules concerning your enrollment in a degree program at HAN. They include information about:

  • Requirements for your degree program
  • Rules concerning bachelor degree programs with an enrollment quota or additional requirements
  • Admission to a master degree program
  • Matching and how it works
  • Tuition fees: amount, reduction and payment
  • Enrolling after a BNSA and switching
  • Applying, enrolling, re-enrolling
  • Terminating your enrollment

Where can I find the enrollment regulations for my degree program? Go to the Practical info page of the relevant degree program.

Complaints and disputes office

Do you have a complaint about a HAN staff member? Do you disagree with an assessment or assignment? The Complaints and Disputes Office ensures that complaints and appeals are delivered to the right people within the HAN organization.

The following documents provide more information about lodging a complaint or appeal: