Economics & Business

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Economics & Business

Do you get excited about doing business in an international setting? Are you brimming with new ideas? Do you know how to get a message across? Then Economics & Business might be a good fit for you. Discover more about Economics & Business here.

What is Economics & Business about?

Economics is a science that examines how markets work. Business is about selling goods or services for a profit. 


FAQs about Economics & Business

Sound like you?


• international environments • innovation • creating content • foreign languages and cultures • communication • human behavior

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• thinking about new ideas • connecting with people • learning new languages and cultures • solving problems

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• novelty • flexibility • diversity • an open mind

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• adapt easily • create solutions • connect people

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• curious • creative • open-minded • international • solution-oriented • critical

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Your professionDo these jobs sound good?

  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Export Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • International Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • International Advertising Account Manager
  • And more...
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Personalize your studies Focus on what's important for your career

Economics & Business sound like a good fit for you? The next step is choosing a degree program. Each degree program has options to build your own professional profile. Through specializations, choice of internship and graduation project. Want to work in an international environment? You get to study one of these foreign languages: Dutch, French, German or Spanish.

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Choose a degree program

International business

Want to step into the fast-paced world of international business? To actually experience it while you are studying? Then come and study at the International School of Business. The place to be for an innovative and flexible business degree.



A communication degree at the International School of Business opens up a world of possibilities. After all, every company and every organization in the world has a message. Your challenge as a communication specialist? To get that message across so people will listen.

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Master in Circular EconomyFurther studies?

With a bachelor degree in Business & Economics you can start working right after graduation. Want to take your skills to a higher level? Then a master degree is a great option. HAN offers a Master in Circular Economy. 

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Economics & BusinessExchange programs

Are you a student of one of our partner universities? Then you can study abroad with us for 1 semester. HAN offers a range of exchange programs in the field of Economics & Business. Check out the programs on offer!

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News and projects

Business fights poverty

On October 14th at the International School of Business, we explore the question: what can business do to contribute to the first Sustainable Development Goal? - Eradicating poverty. Lecturer Mr. Ashok Sawant will tell the story of his professional experiences, emphasizing the potential for business growth while also doing better for people and the planet.

HAN Newsroom
06 October 2022
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Center of International Business Research

Inauguration of Ronald Tuninga

What are the leading trends in the global economy and how do they impact the international business community, education and research? This question was key to Ronald Tuninga’s inaugural speech "The Future of International Business: Bridging Practice, Education, and Research".

HAN Newsroom
30 June 2021
302392 Op 24 juni is Ronald Tuninga geïnstalleerd als lector International Business
Virtual edition

ISB Talent Event 2021

The very first virtual edition of the ISB Talent Event on 3 & 4 June was a great success! During the online event, we hosted 24 lecturers from 16 partner universities around the world, who assessed the project presentations of 67 International Business and Communication students.

Ingrid Le Coultre-den Ouden
11 June 2021
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TOR certificate

Students rewarded for entrepreneurial spirit

International Business students Chingiskhan Kazakhstan and Max Schalow are now the proud owners of a TOR certificate. That's HAN's Top Entrepreneur Scheme for students. The scheme gives them the best possible chance to build their start-up, just like top athletes build their sports careers.

HAN Newsroom
04 June 2021
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Student projects in the spotlight

Sustainable solutions for everyday use

Starting in their 2nd year, a number of engineering and automotive students spend a lot of time at Industry Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem. They work there on projects to find sustainable solutions for everyday use. They also collaborate with students from other disciplines.

HAN Newsroom
11 November 2019
42738 Gebouw op IPKW in Arnhem met klok en oranje letters