Behavior & Social Sciences

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Behavior & Social Sciences

Are you fascinated by human behavior? Do you read people like an open book? Would you love to work in a field that allows you to help and empower people? Then Behavior & Social Sciences might just be the perfect fit for you!

What is Behavior & Social Sciences about?

Behavior & Social Sciences examine human behavior. Their focus is on understanding how people behave in various social contexts. Behavior & Social specialists look for solutions to social, business, personal, governmental, and environmental problems.

FAQs about Behavior & Social Sciences

Sound like you?


attentive • social • an observer • a good listener • open-minded • altruistic • non-judgmental

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listen without judgment • connect people • see patterns • express myself well

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helping people • psychology • pedagogy • sociology

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human connections • equality • inclusivity • mental health • self development

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genuine talks • helping and inspiring people • new perspectives • strong connections

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Your professionDo these jobs sound good?

  • Social-Cultural Worker
  • Youth Worker in a Multicultural Community
  • Social Worker in a Refugee Camp
  • Social Worker in an Asylum Center
  • Project Leader in Community Development
  • Social Project Developer for Victims of Natural Disasters
  • Leader in Development Projects
  • And more...
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Bachelor programs

International Social Work

We live in a world full of challenges. From natural disasters to poverty. From climate change to human rights violations. As an internationally oriented social worker you contribute to a healthy and inclusive society. Study International Social Work at HAN and make a world of difference!

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Behavior & Social Sciences Exchange programs

Are you a student of one of our partner universities? Then you can study abroad with us for 1 semester. HAN offers a range of exchange programs in the field of Behavior & Social Sciences. Check out the programs on offer!

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News and projects

PhD research

Towards a colorful society with art-based communities

People with intellectual disabilities often live in social isolation. How can they participate in society with more equal footing, so they can lead a more autonomous life? “Art-based” communities have the potential to be an important step towards social justice for people with intellectual disabilities.

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HAN collaborates on study

Music interventions reduce stress

Stress negatively impacts our health. We know that better and better. But how can we reduce stress when our daily environments keep stress levels up? Scientists looked into the effects of music interventions and found that they had a significant effect on stress reduction.

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