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Studying abroad is a financial commitment, so you need to know what it's all going to cost. Part of your costs are your tuition fees. Use our tuition fees calculator to find out what your tuition fees will amount to. Within a couple of minutes, you'll know the exact amount for one academic year. Super handy!

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Tuition fees can get pretty complicated. Find out how much your tuition fees are in just a couple of minutes with the tuition fees calculator! How does the tuition fees calculator work? Simply answer a couple of questions about the degree program you're planning to apply for. Already got a degree? Then we'll ask you a few more questions. Done? You'll see what your tuition fees are right away. Note: this is the amount that you can expect based on the answers you provided. The moment you enroll for a degree at HAN, we'll determine your definite tuition fees. Questions about the tuition fees calculator? Send an email to and we'll help you out. Make sure to mention your name and student number.


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