de IJssel

In the low-lying North Sea Region (NSR) flood defence assets are necessary to provide protection against flooding in many areas. This includes dikes, sluices, dams, floodgates, pipe or channel systems, pumping stations and increasingly, nature-based measures.


Owners/operators of the flood defence assets have a great responsibility to keep these in such a condition that they will perform as required. As most of these assets are in public spaces, there is also the need to ensure that they are safe when the public interact with them. Existing flood defence assets require recurrent replacement, renovation or reinforcement due to: deterioration, changing design loading, new policies and standards, new requirements or new demands from users. The asset owner/operator needs to be able to predict when replacement or reinforcement is needed within a whole of life cost-effective or cost-beneficial plan process. Riskbased quantitative assessment approaches are now routinely being used to guide this planning. 

Professorship Substainable River Management

Rivers are of great ecological value. How can the river area remain safe and attractive at the same time? Our professorship conducts practice-oriented research into this.

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