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Practical info

You’d like to join us for the ISAK level 1 accreditation course. What are the costs? Do you need a visa? And where will you stay? Get answers to all your practical questions here!

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This ISAK level 1 accreditation course costs €625,-.


goals en internationale boeken


As the ISAK level 1 short course is only for 3 days, many students don’t need a visa. Are you a citizen of the EU/EEA? Good news: you don’t need a visa! Are you a citizen of another country? You might need a short-stay Schengen visa. This depends on your nationality. Find out on the site of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Turns out you need a Schengen visa? Apply for it in person at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country.

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Interested in joining the ISAK level 1 accreditation course Nijmegen? Wondering where you'll stay? We can help you with that. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation.

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Other practical matters

Once you arrive in the Netherlands there are other practical matters you need to consider. Like what is the cost of living? Do I need insurance? How does public transport work in the Netherlands? Am I allowed to get a part-time job? Find the answers below.

  • Insurance

    When coming to the Netherlands to study, you need to have good insurance. Health insurance is the most important. Are you from the EU/EEA? Your health insurance policy in your home country might cover you. Non-EU/EEA students receive health insurance through the financial guarantee. Other useful insurances are liability insurance, repatriation insurance and household contents insurance.

  • Public transport

    The Netherlands has excellent public transport. In the Nijmegen and Arnhem area you can get almost everywhere by train or bus. In the bigger cities, you can also use the tram or metro. To pay for these services you use an OV chip card (OV-chipkaart in Dutch).

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