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The program starts 2 October 2024

Are you interested in measuring body composition, and would you like to measure in a correct way? Learn how to take standardized measurements of body composition during this ISAK level 1 accreditation course.

ISAK, The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, has developed international standards for anthropometric assessment and an international anthropometry accreditation scheme with 4 levels. 


Content of the course

During this ISAK level 1 course you will learn to landmark and measure the 'Restricted ISAK Profile' with the following measurements: body weight, stretch stature, 8 skinfold measurements, 5 girths, and 2 bone breadths.

After the course you are able to mark, measure, and monitor body composition and to calculate the somatotype of your clients or athletes.

Besides the practicals, the course will cover the next topics: basic anatomy (landmarking), equipment and calibration, methods of body composition measurement, somatotyping, technical error of measurement, and body composition in sports.

Day 1 and 2 consist of practicals and theory. On day 3 there will be a practical exam.

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