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During the Design of Experiments course, you gain basic skills in organizing, preparing, conducting and analyzing experiments. You build a statistical foundation to start experimenting on your own. Theory is combined with the use of Design Expert statistical software.

  • Expand your knowledge with the Design of Experiments methodology
  • Learn the basic principles of this experimentation method
  • Learn how to use the software to get results faster and more efficiently

Do you already have experience with other software? No problem. This course is still highly suitable as it explains the principles of DoE rather than just training you on the software.



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The course covers the following topics:

Day 1

  • Theoretical background: why DoE?
  • Statistical background
  • Demonstration in Design Expert software program
  • Performance of experiment.

Day 2

  • Analysis of results
  • Goodness of fit
  • Design of an experiment and use of different models (factorial design, response surface model (Box–Behnken) & mixture design)
  • Work on assignment (from scientific articles).

Day 3

  • Work on assignment (from scientific articles).
  • Opportunity to present your own case studies and work with them.

Program details

Once you're finished...

... You have learned the basic concepts, which model to use when, and how to use the software. 

docent andrea thiele overlegt met studenten
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