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Careers in Sustainable Energy

Ready for an exciting career in the world of energy engineering? To play an important role in the transition towards renewable energy? Jobs abound in this field. And with your master-level knowledge and skills, you’re in a great position to find a rewarding job.

International students Diego, Andrei, Noa and Tam browsing through books in the library on the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.


There are loads of jobs for engineers in the renewable energy field. What’s more, HAN has a broad network of partners in the industry. From grid operators to energy providers to SMEs. Your task? Developing new energy technology or working on innovative energy systems. Or maintaining the energy balance on a national or even international scale. You’ll be qualified for these positions:

  • Energy Engineering Analyst

    The energy engineering analyst supports an electricity supplier with various activities, including procurement, supply chain, design packet assembly, and records management coordination. The implementation of renewable energy initiatives and impact on existing infrastructure is evaluated. He assembles and releases engineering design packets and identifies and leads process improvements. He also assists with production and transmission equipment and facility testing programs.

  • Renewable Energy Asset Manager

    The asset manager may work for an energy supplier or a renewable energy project operator. You will manage renewable energy infrastructure and projects from a technical, commercial and financial perspective. In addition, you may support the development and construction of new projects, as well as quality inspections and advice in the field of insurance claims and contracting.

  • Energy System Engineer

    The energy system engineer works for instance for an SME developing renewable energy technology as part of an engineering team. The Engineer participates in the design and development of energy components and/or systems meeting all functional targets. This involves amongst others design, modelling, building, testing and validation of hardware and controls.

  • Energy Consultant

    The energy consultant works for a consultancy company and is responsible for the expert technical review of renewable energy projects, assessment of renewable energy components and technology and advise and report to clients.

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Admission & Finances

Everything you need to know about the application process. From admission requirements to tuition fees and scholarships. 

International students Diego, Andrei, Noa and Tam browsing through books in the library on the Arnhem campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences.