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The program starts 1 September 2024 and 1 September 2025

Are you interested in the interconnectedness of global social issues? Want to deepen your skills and knowledge in social work? And learn how to apply creativity in working with people? This exchange program gives you all that in an international perspective.

Why Follow the chain?

Research a global chain

Together with your group you will dive into the power dynamics and injustices of global issues.

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Use creativity in social work

Which creative area will you choose? Sports and Experience, Language and Sound, Visual Storytelling or Drama and Dance? Each course combines theoretical background with practical application.

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Work on your communication skills with actors

Actors will join you in the classroom to practice your communication skills. Learn how to work with people who want to change, but don't know how to using strengthening or motivational interviewing.

Groep studenten in gesprek lachend

Study with classmates from around the world

The students in our program are socially committed and actively engaged in societal issues. The strong student community is welcoming for all.

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Gain theoretical knowledge

You will follow courses in two academic disciplines, where all theory is directly linked to social work practice. These will be sociology & psychology or philosophy & international law.

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Quick facts about the Follow the Chain exchange program

    16Contact hoursaverage per week
    16Hours project-based learning in a groupaverage per week
    20Nationalitiesaverage per year in our exchange program
    30ECTS creditsEuropean Credit Transfer System

Follow the chain

In this exchange program you will explore people and their place in the contemporary globalized world. Important concepts are globalization, power and inequality. You will dive into social issues and how they are globally connected. You will study the underlying power dynamics to get more insight in injustices and opportunities that come with globalization. And you will link this to the profession of social work.

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School of Social Studies

As a professional, you have to deal with complex social issues. Issues like healthcare, quality of life, social quality and loneliness. But also parenting, inclusion, poverty and aging. Working on these issues requires groundbreaking and creative thinking and acting. That’s what we do here at the School of Social Studies. 

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Why study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a large population of international students so you won’t feel alone. In fact, 1 in 10 students is an international student. Why do so many international students come here? Because the Netherlands has excellent, affordable higher education. It also has a thriving economy (18th in the world) so there are plenty of job opportunities. What’s more, the Dutch are open-minded and almost everyone speaks English.

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Discover the city of Arnhem

Arnhem is the green and bustling capital of the province of Gelderland. With a population of around 160,000, the city has plenty to offer. Whether you’re into fashion or history, museums or pubs, concerts or nightclubs. And with its lovely green surroundings, you can also enjoy nature at its best.

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