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Careers in Molecular Biosciences

With a career in the life sciences industry you can really make a difference. By researching diseases. Coming up with new medicines. Helping to solve world food shortages through plant research. What’s more, loads of life sciences companies are looking for your skills!

Job Options for Life Sciences graduates from HAN University of Applied Sciences

Molecular Biosciences jobs

With a BSc in Molecular Biosciences with Honours you can find jobs in the private and public sector. At research institutes, hospitals and health agencies. Or at life sciences companies, like biotech and pharmaceutical firms. The kind of work? Researching diseases. Designing new drugs. Working as a product or marketing specialist. Or focusing on quality assurance. Here are some molecular bioscience jobs you could pursue:

  • Research Assistant

    As a research assistant, you work in fundamental or applied research. Your job? To provide support in the lab to more senior researchers. Where? At a university or in the commercial sector. You can grow into positions of more responsibility and leadership if you choose the commercial sector. Want to progress in the academic world? Then you would pursue a master or PhD first. 

  • Assay Development Scientist

    Assay development is a procedure in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Basically, it’s testing how an organism or organic sample reacts to a drug or biochemical. The aim? To identify and characterize potential new drug molecules. As an assay development scientist, you work with a team of scientists in a lab.  

  • Technical Sales Specialist

    As a technical sales specialist you build relationships with clients. How? Through cold-calling, visiting clients, going to network events. The market for technical products and services is global. So you’ll be working in an internationally oriented environment. 

  • Junior Project Leader

    In this position you run short to medium-length projects. Your tasks? To communicate with the lab technicians. Contribute innovative ideas. Communicate with management. About anything from quality assurance to financial issues. Where? At a pharmaceutical, biotech or other life science company. 

The next step after graduating

So you’ve graduated with a BSc with Honours in Molecular Biosciences. The next step? Finding work in the life sciences industry is simple. You can use HAN’s alumni network to connect with a wide range of companies and research institutes across the globe. Of our Life Sciences graduates, 97% find work within a year. So you’ll have no trouble finding the right job for you. 

Career possibilities in Molecular Biociences for graduates

Further studies in Molecular Biosciences?

Are you ambitious? Looking for a higher qualification? Want to work in a position with more responsibility? With your BSc, you can join any number of MSc Life Sciences programs in the Netherlands or abroad. You could even move directly to a PhD!

  • Master in Molecular Life Sciences

    This degree is offered by HAN University of Applied Sciences. 

  • Master in Biomedical Sciences

    Offered by the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. After completing the joint degree, you can directly enroll in the master specialization Human Biology. Did you choose the Bioinformatics course during your bachelor studies? Then you can also directly enroll in the Medical Epigenomics master specialization.

  • Master in Biomolecular Sciences (pre-master program required)

    This degree is offered by the VU Amsterdam.

  • Master at University of Dundee (or even PhD!)

    With Lower Second Class Honours, you can directly enroll in various masters at Dundee University. This certainly counts for the masters at the School of Life Sciences and also for various masters at the School of Medicine. With Upper Second Class Honours you even have the possibility of going straight on to a PhD in the UK!

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