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Careers in mechanical engineering

As a mechanical engineer, your skills are in high demand. The job opportunities for mechanical engineers are endless. Both regional and international companies need innovative, internationally-oriented engineers. You can choose from any number of fields.

Career Options with a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Degree in the Netherlands

Mechanical engineering jobs

As a mechanical engineer, you can work in any number of branches. For example, in construction, automotive design, fine mechanical design, energy systems design, health care applications and automation for the food industry. Your task? To design and construct machines or energy systems. Or to improve and monitor these machines or energy systems. Some jobs you could pursue:

  • Constructional Engineer / Product Designer

    As a constructional engineer or product designer you design machines. Or you redesign them to reduce costs. How? Using 3D-CAD software, hand calculations and newly available techniques. You often work in a team with electrical and software engineers. You keep a close eye on customer requirements and specifications. And on the boundaries of law and regulations. 

  • Energy Systems Engineer

    As an energy systems engineer, you develop systems to monitor and regulate our energy use. In the built environment and in industrial applications. How? Using simulation, measurement and control. Nowadays energy systems are being renewed. And fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy. So the energy systems engineer has an important role to fulfil. 

  • Project Leader

    As a project leader, you work on projects where you design or optimize mechanical systems. Usually you do this in a team of professionals from different disciplines. Your tasks? Planning the project, dealing with customers and monitoring the progress of the project. 

  • Production Manager

    As a production manager, you manage production sites. You make sure that products are manufactured at the lowest cost. So, you need to have all the components ordered just-in-time at the right place for assembly. Quality checks are also essential for ensuring satisfied customers. 

The next step after graduating

So you’ve earned your bachelor in mechanical engineering. What’s next? Finding a job is quite easy in this field. Your contacts during your internship or graduation could be a good starting point. HAN’s alumni network is also a great way of connecting with international companies and research institutes. 

Job opportunities after a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at an Applied Sciences University in the Netherlands
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