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The program starts 1 September 2022 and 1 September 2023

Explore the fascinating world of analytical chemistry. You could be testing for pollutants in the environment. Analyzing what’s in the food we eat. Monitoring the quality of everyday products. Sound like you? Sign up for a rewarding science career and study Chemistry at HAN.

NVAO Accredited programme

Why study Chemistry at HAN?

Analytical chemistry

Chemistry at HAN focuses on analytical chemistry. A great field because there are more jobs than graduates.

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Small groups and classes

Work in small groups and classes. Lots of personal attention from lecturers and tutors. And lots of interaction in class.

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Focus on lab work

Learn chemistry at HAN and spend 1 whole day a week working in the lab.

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Innovative talent program

Ambitious? Join the Analytical Sciences Talent Program with extra hours of study and a scholarship.

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What do you learn?Program

When you study chemistry at HAN you focus on analytical chemistry. Apart from that you explore subjects like organic chemistry, biology and polymer chemistry. You also work 1 whole day  a week in the lab. Sometimes on your own experiments, sometimes on group experiments. And you develop your professional knowledge and skills while working on chemistry projects. Both on campus and in the field.

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What can you do with a chemistry degree?Careers

With a chemistry degree from HAN you are an independent, chemical analyst. You have the intercultural skills to work in an international setting. Which industry you work in depends on your interests. Food, pharmaceuticals, or the environment? A future working at Shell, Nouryon, Unilever or Nutricia? Or at a renowned university or research institute?

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What's so special about Chemistry at HAN?

Student Milana and lecturer Suleiman explain what's so special about this Chemistry program at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Students as partnersDutch way of learning

The atmosphere in a Dutch classroom is quite informal and your lecturers are easy to talk to. In fact, at HAN you’re seen as a partner in the learning process. Class sizes are small and your lecturers encourage you to actively participate in class. To ask questions and give your own opinion. They also stimulate you to be creative and to discover things for yourself.

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Chemistry: quick facts

    20Contact hoursaverage per week
    20Study hoursaverage per week
    32%Graduatedwithin 5 years (Dutch-taught program)
    72%Employedwithin 2 months (Dutch-taught program)

Why study in Holland?

Holland has a large population of international students so you won’t feel alone. In fact, 1 in 10 students is an international student. Why do so many international students come here? Because Holland has excellent, affordable higher education. It also has a thriving economy (18th in the world) so there are plenty of job opportunities. What’s more, the Dutch are open-minded and almost everyone speaks English.

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Discover the city of Nijmegen

Nijmegen is a lively university town near the German border. It has a great atmosphere. Just wander through its beautiful old streets and you’ll feel its rich history. Looking for a charming pub or restaurant, a bit of culture or a great night out? Nijmegen has all this and more. Keen on sport or nature? Nijmegen has loads of sports clubs and is surrounded by beautiful forests full of hiking and bicycle trails. Safe and friendly student cities are just one of the 7 reasons to study at HAN.

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The location

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  • HAN Nijmegen campus

    Laan van Scheut 2
    6525 EM Nijmegen
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